Forza Horizon 4 - CaRPG in the UK


I usually end up buying one, assuming I don’t win one, like the Bugatti Veyron because I know I’ll be able to blow through speed traps without half trying.

That’s a good point, though I have the Ultimate Edition so I got the Agera for “free”, which kinda took care of that need haha. Also got the Forza Edition Aventador with one of my first spins, which is a rocket in a straight line.


No Teslas in the game? They were in FH3 IIRC, so did they ask for more money (like Toyota)?


I’m going through the topic since launch and adding any gamer tags I come across. Feel free to add me – I’m not very good at the racing so my exploration numbers are creeping up there – GT: some piranhas


I’m just playing the game and not thinking about whatever progression I’m doing. I just drive and do whatever comes up or I find. This is a game that would drive a completionist crazy with all the things on the map to do or find.


This is it. I play, doing whatever, and buying a new car only if forced. I don’t pay attention to money or level or influence or whatever.

I finished the first year yesterday or the day before. I’ve gone through the whole Stunt Driver storyline. I’ve done all the Cross Country off-road tracks, except the last- I actually attempted that twice, but started over twice at the last turn because that turn is bullshit and I couldn’t rewind due to the 1st car already having crossed the finish line and all the other cars rush past you if you do anything wrong even a little. Still, fun. I haven’t even bought any houses yet. I do jump on every Barn Find I can, though- I only have 4 or five left according to the silhouettes, though I’m not sure how many are season-specific, or if there’s more than that or what.


I’d love to see Tom take another crack at the Horizon series with this game (especially after he was so disappointed in TC2) - I think he might actually like it? Maybe? Pretty sure Horizon 2 was the last one he actually played? Haha.

Another question for everyone: Anyone have a season they prefer over the others? For visuals, I think it’s probably a toss up between autumn and winter for me. For racing, I quite like spring, because the mud can spice up the dirt races a bit.


Welcome to the forums @ShakesMcQueen :)

I use Kwizzam on Xbox if anyone else wants another horrible drivatar.

“Why the hell do people keep inviting me to 50 lap Goliath races??”

Looks like there was a huge exploit they just fixed. 2 million cr & 75 wheelspins in minutes. Over 75,000 people were doing it from the Superstar achievement… yikes. I’m going to pretend that auction house doesn’t exist for awhile.


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Let me experiment posting my Xbox clips. I just wanted to show how much fun I was having in the winter season with that Ford RS200.!AkTea0s86XcPiS_WivgrLJfI1nJg


Nice - gives me UK flashbacks. Is that your choice of music or the game’s?


Heh. That’s Timeless FM within the game. I switch to four different radio stations, but that’s definitely my favorite.

in DiRT Rally, the Ford RS200 was waaaaay too much car for me. It’s way too powerful with too little control. But because Horizon is forgiving with it’s tracks, the RS200 is just a perfect powerhouse that can overcome mistakes by powering through them.

Well, on higher difficulties, like Expert in that clip, you still lose the race, but you don’t lose as badly as if I’d made those kinds of mistakes in a less powerful car.


It’s a minor complaint, but gee it sure would be nice if this game would auto update while I wasn’t home, instead of having me sit through the opening videos, loading in, and then deciding it needs to boot me out to the Windows Store for an update. Especially since it doesn’t support the DS4 so I have to do a disable/enable dance with DS4Windows every time the game boots.


Well, I did some influence farming, came back to it and there were 9 wheel spins waiting on me. I hit $5000 one time and the rest were horns, clothes, and emotes… no cars. The spinner is fucking rigged.


I wouldn’t say it’s rigged, but yeah, RNG sucks.

The game is generous for the first 20 hours, I won more cars than in FH3 in that time. But even then, how it works the current wheelspin, it doesn’t feel good. I think yesterday I won seven spins and got 5 cosmetic items, 2000 credits and one (bad) car.


Yeah, this is a total shock for anyone used to Steam games. I don’t blame FH4, I blame a basically useless Xbox integration. Why on earth would you have me load first, then decide to check for updates?


On Xbox it functions basically the same as on Steam, so this must be a Windows Store thing.

Edit: actually, Steam is worse than Xbox since sometimes you have to restart Steam in order to force updates (doesn’t even work when you load the game as it just says invalid version if you’re connecting to a server).


Sorry, should have specified that I play Windows 10. Still, if your whole shtick is seamless integration across platforms, missing automatic updates on one seems like an issue you might want to address. It’s not huge, but it totally makes your platform integration feel cheap.

That and what looked to be an incredibly short list of games that are completely cross platform.


My point was that this has nothing to do with the Xbox integration.


This seems to be an issue specific to you, not a generic problem. I have never experienced this, nor heard any of my friends experience, and Steam has been my primary gaming platform for years. That would be as annoying!


I have friends who experience this all the time. It seems fairly common if you don’t have Steam running all the time. I usually do run it in the background all the time, so I rarely experience this, except when there’s been a Windows Update or if I have had the PC off for some days (for example when I’ve been travelling AND the game I want to play has had an update in the meantime).