Forza Horizon 4 - CaRPG in the UK


Yeah they suck. I just ignore them.

I imagine a keyboard script would get this done trivially on pc overnight though. Not sure about console, maybe just tape the accelerator and thumb stick.


I’m not desperate for Forza points. 😛

Just hoped for something more interesting to do to get them. The whole Forzathon thing seems a little half baked.


For the weekly challenge with the right stupid tune on the car and the right bit of Scottish landscape you can put 250,000 points together in one skill chain.

This is done via drifting, but eventually the game has had enough of drifts and stops giving you points for it so you have to blend in something else. Hit a little jump because of a ridge in the scenery or knock over a tree or wall and you’ll get “wreckage” points and the game will then count your continued drift as if it’s a new skill to add to the multiplier.

You can also do this at one of the larger roundabouts - just pop up to 4th from 3rd gear and your turn will widen, bumping you into a sign or a hedge, and then drop back into 3rd to tighten your turn and go back to drifting.

Amusingly I was smoking up the roundabout so long that I ended up with four other drivers just ripping doughnuts around it at the same time. None of them in the weekly event car, although one was in a VW Camper Van.

Bearing in mind I’m not a good drifter (as anyone who has seen my drift scores will attest), this has wracked up about 1.1million points in about 20 minutes, so if you do it while there’s a skill song playing on the radio you could be done with this event in well under an hour.

The only requirements are that you have TC off and manual gear changes on (auto-clutch is fine).


Guess MS gave up on trying to teach me anything, today they sent me the English language version:

Feel the changing seasons transform your surroundings as you experience historic Great Britain from the driver’s seat.

Brave the weathered roads with friends or on your own, with over 450 cars to race, stunt, collect, and modify.*

Whatever road you take leads you closer to Horizon Superstardom. MASTER BRITAIN’S ELEMENTS
Feel the changing seasons transform your surroundings as you experience historic Great Britain from the driver’s seat.

Brave the weathered roads with friends or on your own, with over 450 cars to race, stunt, collect, and modify.*

Whatever road you take leads you closer to Horizon Superstardom."

I would have respected them more if they had stuck to their guns.


I went to the Rivals tab, and I looked at the monthly rivals track. Instead of choosing the bottom name from my friends list as is the default, I chose the best time on my friends list (which was yours). And that was a mistake, because 20 minutes later, I wasn’t even close to getting your lap time, and I eventually quit the game.

That track is a lot tougher than the tracks in most racing games. Usually tracks from real life, especially have much longer straights, and less technical corners. This track is crazy hard when I’m going up against someone like you, whose ghost made only two slight mistakes that I can spot in the whole lap.

Plus like ShakesMcQueen implied above, I think the McLaren Senna is too much car for me. This track wouldn’t be this freakin’ hard with a B class or even an A Class car.


The new seasonal road race is a bit naff all round. The pay to play one which I just find a bit in your face and then the regular one is just awful cars and tracks. Boo!!!*

*Till next week when I look forward to the next one :)


I just got bumped down by someone on my monthly rival board and got no notification, so the answers to 1 and 2 appear to be “no” and “no idea.”

For 3 it’s yes - we all see the same track and for 4 you can use one of the gamepad buttons to cycle the rival list through all, close (in time set), frineds, club, and friends and club.


@Dirklectisch, I did beat your time on the monthly Rivals track. Did you get a notification on the Rivals panel when you logged into the game today?


@Rock8man - what’s your XBox name? I need some more people on my Rivals list.



This cross country series where you race Lancias across the English countryside this Season is one I played before in the Winter. Man, it was so different in the Spring. Instead of racing across snow fields I was racing over fields of fresh flowers and grass, and this time racing in my RWD 74 Lancia Stratos. That was a lot of fun and freakin’ hard.


Well done on beating my time! I did not get any notification in the my rivals menu. Too bad this would have been a cool feature.

Thanks I overlooked this option, not the clearest UI design if you ask me.


I’m still very confused by the UI as well. Other than the monthly Rivals course, where do I go for the rest of it? When I selected “myRivals”, instead of giving me a list of times I could beat from my friends list, like in previous games, it’s just an empty list. Apparently I don’t have any Rivals. What the hell does that even mean?

In previous Forza Horizon games, you’d get a constant stream of messages from a couple of things every day:

  1. Your drivatar has been driving around and earned you this much money!
  2. So and so on your friends list has set a time, do you want to jump to it and try to beat it?

Both of those kinds of messages are gone, and I’m not even sure if you get any kind of messages any more. So how does the Rivals system even work anymore without the messages?


So I just bought Forza Horizon 3 for my new machine, which will be ready next week.

Why 3?

Because it’s cheaper than 4 (yes I know it’s on that pass thing but I’d rather own my own copy) and I’ve never owned a Forizon game before so I figured I’d start with the first one available for PC, then get 4 later.

I am super excited regardless.


Because it is light years better than 4.


3 on PC? Does it still have performance and crash issues, or has that all been eventually fixed?

Also, 4 is awesome simply thanks to the seasons and the matching weather. I don’t think I’d want to go back to a game where the map remains static.


(Speaking of FH3)

There are still some performance issues… you can get around them, if you have an expensive, modern cpu, on the other hand.


Which I will, so yay!


Is it really?


Not really. But it is excellent. I’d put them on par with each other. There’s things 3 does better (Rivals, variety of geography in Australia, and a couple of other things). But there’s things I like better about 4 (I love the UK countryside as presented with 4 seasons, and I like some of the Showcase events much better than the ones in 3, etc).

They’re both great games. I wouldn’t skip 3 though. 3 was such a universal improvement over 2, I wouldn’t want to go back. But 4 is a sideways step, so people should experience both, IMO.


OK, let me clarify. On XBone I think it’s better but I am clearly in the minority here in thinking that FH4 sucks. My PC will not handle either game.

I’ve tried to get into it but everything I loved about 3 was taken out of 4. Ultimately it boils down to the stinginess of the spin system and my utter and complete hatred of the addition of clothes, horns, and emotes to the RNG.