Forza Horizon 4 - CaRPG in the UK


I went down to n00b level (yeah, I suck at driving games). I actually feel like I’m getting better tho.

Any Qt3’ers still playing? Is there a Qt3 club maybe? I’m playing on xBox and finally got through the ‘tutorial’ year, and having fun and would like to try more of the MP features if there are any Qt3’ers still playing… I have the same gamertag as my forum handle.

I play occasionally but tbh i don’t really see the “big picture” of it. There’s a lot of random stuff to do. Is there some kind of multiplayer you can do cooperatively with other people?

I don’t know why, but with FH5 coming soon, I actualy reinstalled FH4. It made me remember how superior to the competition is. The gameplay is great, but it’s the technical side what I wanted to comment, it is out of this world. Ultra details, MSAAx4 (!), 1440p, and the game still runs at 95-100 fps! While looking better than other racing games and having a big open world. Crazy.
It isn’t something like ‘oh, they perform 17% better than this other racing game’. It’s more like closer to 100%. Their engine is literally twice as better as others. It has to be almost insulting for other devs.

Agreed - performance is off the charts, even on old hardware. This engine with an actual progression system would be tops.

All right, now that Forza Horizon 5 is about to release, you know what time it is? That’s right, it’s time for divedivedive to try out Forza Horizon 4! And it’s a whole lot like Forza Horizon 3, which seems like a good thing so far! The only difference I can really tell off the bat is you can hang on to your combos a little longer - skidding into the siderails won’t kill the combo, though it will if you crash head on into something. Or so I’ve heard. But the racing is still fun, the countryside is quite lovely, and the cars make such wonderful revving sounds.

Oh, and! And! I’ve got a house! I don’t know why I have a house now or what I can really do with it. I can’t really get out of my car and go wander through its halls or anything, but it’s mine apparently, and all because I drove through a windmill for some guy. And they gave me a pickup truck because I played FH3. Things are looking up!

I dunno. I feel as though the change to always-online & added seasonal layers make Horizon 4 different (and not always in a good way). There’s more to do, sure, but also the Ubi-game-like map & event chaos / churn is completely overwhelming and not as easy to wrap my head around. Less focus. More is more?

I haven’t reached a point where I can tell if there’s more to do than previous games. It seems like it’s stepping me through seasonal events, maybe to prepare me for a crazy big open world that’s lying in wait for me. At the moment, there is usually only one or two events available to me at a given time (I’m still in winter, which doesn’t seem like an optimal time of year to be driving like a madman, but I’m rolling with it (see what I did there)).

Have you tried filtering the events on the map? It makes everything way more digestible. That way you can just focus on Cross Country events, or “New” events, or Challenges, or whatever you’re in the mood for.

You know I’m going to get flack for this but this version of England just isn’t interesting looking to me. Just way too many generic bland landscapes that look like a terrain mesh with random generated foliage spit on top. It’s a cool game for some time though. And Sean Bean seems kind of above average invested in voicing a part that isn’t as over the top as usual.

Forza 5 looks pretty perfect by comparison.

I have. It’s fine & useful but fussy IMO.

Late to the party as usual, but coming from The Crew the map just seems small in comparison. A miniature version of America is way more interesting than a miniature version of UK. Also Windows Store can DIAF. I bought the Windows Store version and the game had trouble with recognising my generic controller. So I refunded it and bought the Steam version instead, which works FLAWLESSLY with my controller.

So far there is a lot of busy work but I am still enjoying the roaming.

It’s not even about the map, for me, it’s that I’m just tooling around maybe heading to a particular event I want to do or smashing boards and the game (FH5 in this instance, but it was true in FH4 as well), is constantly interrupting me with random shit - barn finds, adventure unlocks, Forzathon or Arcade or whatever the fuck. Just let me do my thing for a little while! Horizon should be a perfect podcast game, but it’s not because it just won’t shut up. It’s petrified of losing your attention for even a second.

I don’t disagree with anything you said, and I think 5 is markedly worse in that regard. I generally don’t even listen to the radio anymore in 5 because it seems like after every single song I have to hear the obnoxiously happy DJ talk about my amazing feats in the game or new events that have popped up.

One thing I thought was funny / disgusting is that if a skill song comes on the radio and you change stations a little message comes up on your screen asking you to please change back to the other station.

I didn’t make that up. That’s a real thing that happens. That’s some kind of audacity, and proves your point that the developers are desperate to hold your attention and make sure you’re doing things the way that their myriad focus groups and empty suits in management told them you would enjoy the most.

I mean, who would intentionally want to miss out on 4 minutes of double skill points? The mind reels with confusion!

It’s the same kind of developer mentality that infected id Software when they made Doom Eternal, which feels like a game designed by a focus group full of people with attention deficit disorder. That game is unplayable for me, but I still enjoy Forza Horizon 5, which gives you all the freedom you want, even if you’re inundated with options.

“Would you like this car delivered to your location?”


That’s is such a nice option! I don’t think they had that in earlier Horizon games, right? Only added in Horizon 5? Or maybe it was added in 4? Before that it used to be such a pain to switch cars, you had to first go to a festival or a house.

I was dunking on the game’s dumb interface. After you’ve confirmed the car you want to swap to, Forza Horizon 5 throws in one final and utterly unnecessary confirmation dialogue because “WTF Playground?” Yep, the same people who force useless binds onto your controller and who can’t imagine you would change radio stations away from double xp also decided you needed one last chance to decide, “No, I don’t want to swap cars even though I just went through the seven specific steps required to swap cars.”


EDIT: Oops, I’m in the Forza Horizon 4 thread, so everything I’ve written might be moot.

That was in 4 as well, so it’s not a moot point.

I’ll say that with everything I noted that irks me, 4 and 5 are still my two favorite racing games ever. I just hope they pull back on the in-your-face, check-this-out, no-play-it-this-way nonsense that’s creeping ever further into the franchise.

I don’t know, if anything, the games seem to be slanted the other way to me. As in, play it however you want, here’s more options so you can do what you want to do. It irks me because I want them to tell me what to do more.

I like the DJs, especially Amy Simpson, with her relentless enthusiasm towards the most asinine aspects of the game. It is endearing. Different strokes for different folks etc.