Forza Horizon 4 - CaRPG in the UK


That gives us one day with the route creator before RDR2 comes out. Pfffft.

Maybe 2019.


OHhhhh, that sounds really fun.


So glad that they’re fixing that bug.


I thought this was intended because once you lock one in, it doesn’t go away.


If it was intended, it wouldn’t save your progress on some days and forget it on other days. I was accumulating about half a million a day, and then it forget them when I got to about 3 million and I started over.


Yea, that’s the other reason I thought it was intended. I never had it save my progress from one session to another.


I also like 4 more than 3 overall, but expansions for 3 were both excellent (Blizzard Mountain and Hot Wheels). Both were completely distinct, unexpected, and a helluva lot of fun.


Oh that’s in the game? Cool. There’s a tram now that goes from the city centre to the airport.


Your blueprints don’t show up for me under “blueprint events” -> “friends and followed”. I do see some prints from other QT3ers in that menu. Also: is “editors choice” empty for everyone else? Most other categories seem flooded with people trying to make prints for money farming. Not really my thing. 😐


My Classic Rally blueprints are designed to just be fun rally races - you won’t be printing cash from them. It uses something akin to the “1970s” class from Dirt Rally, with the Abarth and Stratos. If you’ve unlocked it you can also use the Alpine, I think.

Once the route creator drops I have some fun point-to-point rally routes planned for the same car class.


I was talking about FH3, and the blueprints for the FH3 version of the bucket list creator thing.

In FH4, I’ve only created a few blueprints for some specific races where I’d just gotten a barn-find, and the next race I was running wasn’t designed for that barn-find, so I created one. Nothing fancy, no other changes to the race.

I’ll have to check those out. I’ve done a few races in the 70s Stratos. It’s definitely the hardest car I’ve driven in FH4 so far. I’m almost tempted to cheat and turn on traction control, but I won’t do it. Part of the challenge of that car is just to accelerate the darn thing without losing control.

What has really surprised me in this game is just how much I love the Ford FS200. In DiRT Rally, that was way too much car for me, but last night I did Dirt Race after Dirt Race using that car. Driving around the UK is pretty safe compared to DiRT Rally’s falls to the death, so the FS200 is just pure power and fun.

Also, before Spring goes away, you guys should do more Dirt Series. I just absolutely love some of these tracks in the Spring, since they’re a mixture of mud and water and wet tarmac.


You could start off in the Abarth 131 - it was the easiest place to start the RWD tree in Dirt Rally and it’s pretty nice to drive here. I can win some races with it on unbeatable, but it’s a little sluggish low in the rev range, so you definitely have to have manual transmission.


It’s a shame that RDR2 is coming out now, I feel like I just am getting to the real meat of the gameplay here in FH4. I’d love to dig into that Course Creator, and make blueprints, and race other people’s Rivals and blueprints.

The stuff Playground Games made was great, but it was super lenient, and I could make it as easy or as hard as I wanted for each event, depending on what class I wanted to drive. It would have been interesting to finally get to more restrictive stuff. Here, race this particular track using these two cars restricted to this class, in this weather condition at this time of day, with this song playing in the background. (Ha! I loved forcing people to listen to particular songs in FH3).

In a way the seasonal challenges are already there. That’s Playground Games giving you very specific races each week, which makes them more interesting than the anything-goes attitude that the rest of the game has. Well, most of the time. Sometimes you luck into really fun vehicle and class combinations by accident (and hopefully you share those with your friends).


I’m going to withdraw my amazement at @TurinTur finishing up the content in the game. It works differently in FH4 to previous games. In previous games, you do a race, and it gives you about 9 different choices, you can do the muscle car challenge, or the Hot Hatch race, or the Rally Monsters championship, etc. So to finish, you do each race in each type of car. But FH4 just considers a race done if you raced it once in any type of car. So it’s not the same scale of achievement, not even close.


I don’t see those showing up, but I do see the “Group (B)ismarck Stage 01” you just put up. I drove it twice and it’s great. I’ll surely be trying other tracks you put up.

However it’s too bad that we don’t get to compete on those tracks because rivals seems to be missing for custom blueprints. There also doesn’t seem to be a way to differentiate between regular blueprints and custom track designs. Which is a shame. I’m assuming you designed this one yourself because it has flags as a finish line instead of the usual bridge over the road.


Hah! You must have played that almost before I published it as it only just went up. I’ve been working out that course for a while as I originally thought that was how the blueprinting would work. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

I still have to anchor the event start to an existing event, which is why it starts on the road and not in the park next to it, but I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. I’d like to go back and edit one or two checkpoint positions, but it’s still really fun, as is.


That Group B(ismarck) 01 stage vs unbeatable AI :

Tons of fun!

Now I just have to stop playing it long enough to build the other stages I had in mind.


Ok, I couldn’t resist trying to find all the roads, even though I’m never successful at it in these games, I can never find that last road.

Well, Forza Horizon 4 is really generous. I didn’t have to find 531/531 roads to get that achievement! They give it to you for finding 529/531 roads! Woohoo! The Noisy Cartographer achievement is mine! (Great name).

Of course, my OCD is low, but it’s still high enough that I kept going around trying to find the last two roads. I found one. So once again like previous Forza Horizon games, I can’t find the last one. But that’s okay this time, Playground Games seems to have realized my plight and adjusted.


Guess what today is!?

Yes, another update. Go to the store and get the update before starting the game, so you don’t have to go through this stupid loop again.


The store does an update check once every 24 hours at a randomized time of day, so you should be getting them automatically unless you’ve disabled automatic store updates through store settings. Or if you disabled the Windows Update service or modifies scheduled tasks related to store updates it would also prevent things from working.