Forza Horizon 4 - CaRPG in the UK


So how the route creator works? I was playing the historical doc job today.


To make your own route go to the start point for any existing race, hit the button to enter it and then on the right you’ll see a pencil icon to build your own route. The start point and starting direction are set by the event you’re mirroring, but after that you can drive anywhere to build your race.

The route creator has been really excellent for me. I built some nice rally stages, but I then went to the Retro Hot Hatch class and built some mixed-surface races in a couple villages where you can blend road and dirt/dust roads.

I then built a handling-heavy Escort tune, a point-and-shoot VW Scirocco that’s bad in turns and a VW Golf that’s good at braking and not much else, then the past three or four days all I’ve done is run these “Hot Mix” races against unbeatable AI in each of the three cars because they’re just great fun.

I have a very long rally stage in planning to follow, but I can’t stop running the Hatchback races.


Those sound fun! I’d love to try your races if there’s a way to search for them.

I enjoyed the summer seasonals. The Dark Souls championship was fun, but I was disappointed the “Ice Cream Van” prize was actually a horn. Sports cars has a unique Hot Wheels car reward with an anniversary livery. That one took me a few tries until I switched to a Porsche 911.


If you add me as a friend on Xbox (BismarckMaybe), then when you go into Blueprints in the Creative section of the pause menu you can filter for “Friends and Followed” and my races should show up.

There are some “Dork Rally” stages which is from the first iteration of the route creator when you had to just exactly copy an existing race and change the cars, and then everything else (“Group B(ismarck)”, “Hairdressers and Hairpins” and “Hot Mix”), is from the recent update.


Look what I found!

If you want to find it I suggest disabling all markers on the map and going over the roads with a fine-toothed comb looking for tiny grey spots. One of mine was on the beach all the way on the east side of the map, and the other was just this tiny little hooked trail near the western side.

You don’t actually get anything for finding them all (other than a very small amount of satisfaction).


That is actually how I found the last 7 of the gray spots. Well, the last 6, I should say. I’ll probably never find that last one.


Welp, I’m loving Horizon 3 so much, I just bought 4.

I hope you all are happy.



Playground games deserves your generosity.

I’ve heard the two expansions for Horizon 3 are really good too by the way. I own them but I haven’t tried them out yet.


I’ve not touched them yet either, I figure I’ll get there naturally.


They are very good. The snow mountain one, whatever it’s called, is a bit redundant now given the seasons in 4, but the Hot Wheels one is totally unique. It basically turns FH into Trackmania.


If you liked FH3, you’ll like FH4 just as much, if not more.

Unless your main focus is the multiplayer, in which case you might (currently) like it a little less, depending on your feelings about Team Adventure mode.


Oh I only care about single player.


Playing FH3 and then moving right into FH4 could be too much of a good thing though. I find the two years between each release perfect without being fatigued on the series, and I’m not sure I’d be able to play those back-to-back.


Oh I’m gonna play FH3 for a long while before i play 4.


Yeah, I play FH3 in fits and starts, I’d get bored with it I think if I tried to crank through the whole thing in one shot. It will be some time until I get to 4.


Copy/pasting from the interwebz - looks like the next update might have some changes as a response to player feedback:


What was it? The image says nothing.


Huh strange. Just that there are the usual new cars and events coming with the next patch, but also the first around of changes which directly come from user feedback.


Lightning storms and perilous roads on Fortune Island, coming this December.

This will be awesome.


I’m excited for the narrow roads and stuff more than anything. I hope it’s built onto the existing map, rather than being a discrete area, but probably not.