Forza Horizon 4 - CaRPG in the UK


These are typically new large areas you load when you travel to a select point on the map. To get back to the existing map you have to do the same in the new area (travel to a point). In FH3 they were located at an airfield and a harbor.


I’m loving this more, now they call me Cupcake.


I giggle every time the game greets me with “welcome back sausage!”


Been wanting to play this after enjoying the demo, and it’s on sale now for $40, so I picked it up in the Windows Store finally.

… and damn, the Windows Store client is a goddamn mess. Microsoft can’t make a downloader work in 2018. Idiots. I had a download get interrupted (it’s a huge download) and it couldn’t recover. Couldn’t continue the download, couldn’t remove the busted download off the drive (so no more space on that drive). Finally got it cleared off, got the windows store cache reset… and it doesn’t see the drive I want to use as a target drive anymore. So now I’m downloading to another drive so I can then - hopefully - move it to the proper drive. Just dumb dumb dumb. I’ll swing by their office tomorrow and throw a brick through a window or something, that should make feel better.


I was just going through some of the clips I recorded on Xbox. When I was watching this one, I was wondering, hmmm, why did I say “Xbox Record that” for this one? And then I found out because of the ending.

Thank god for being able to reverse time.


Oh, this was a good one. I remember really struggling with this race for a long time. And this is how I finally was able to win the race. Keep an eye on the truck in first place and what I do to him.


Neither of those are visible for me… Just broken links.


Hmmm, they broke for me too, now. It’s the first time I’ve tried using Streamable. Let me see if signing up and redoing them makes them more permanent.

Edit: Ok, let’s see if they stick around now.


Yeah, visible now.


Dumb question: Do I really have to drive to any race I want to do? And I have to search the map icons for races I haven’t tried yet?

I love driving around… but not all the time.


You can fast travel (initially to the festival and your houses, later there is an option to fast travel anywhere, I believe. But I haven’t bought the house that unlocks that yet). The price will vary depending on how many fast travel boards you have smashed.

And when you complete races in an event type, the following races in the event automatically appear on the map.

You will discover things like speed traps by driving around. But those also unlock through completing then.


Thanks. That seems like a bit of a gamer tax :/


I am enjoying this immensely. I did my first year and opened up the hourly live events, which are pretty silly but fun. Kind of want that top hat available as a season reward thing.


Pretty sure it’s intentional, to nudge players to explore the map - especially early on. You’ll earn the money to buy the house that gives you full fast travel pretty quickly if you prioritize it, and once you get a couple dozen fast travel boards, the cost is negligible.

Plus, if you pick to go back to the Festival from the pause menu - that’s always free.


Surprised there hasn’t been any new posts here since the expansion came out. Anyone else been playing it? That cliffside route is awesome.


Mitsubishi cars coming back to Forza Horizon tomorrow, in a free car pack. Just announced on their monthly stream.


New patch, it’s a good one.

Seasonal events now include street races, multiplayer playgrounds (survival, flag rush, king) tournament with team prizes, and a few custom community routes.

Blueprint events can now be searched. They are also marked when something is a custom route. When I have more time I’ll be checking out @Mr_Bismarck’s rallies I couldn’t find earlier.

There’s a new “Skill Streak” story challenge thing with stars.

More cars too… from final fantasy 15.

This week’s 'thon is easy. A few skills with a truck, then taking it out for a lap on Goliath. I even got hate mail for doing a #forzathon while skilling in an Iron Knight! The shop prices are higher than I remember them though. It’s now 400 / 750 points for the cars.


I took advantage of the $2 per month game pass so I could play this. I just started and completed the first 2 events. I could have sworn there were leaderboards in FH, do they become available later? I love leader board battles.

I definitely saw some familiar drivatars @Rock8man, @Wendelius and a couple others.


You have to get through the first 1-2 hours which are effectively the intro to the game. Over those 1-2 hours you’ll cycle once through all of the four seasons, and after that point is when you’re thrown into the “live” game with everyone else, leaderboards, multiplayer, etc.


And if you’re like me, it will take you a lot longer than 1-2 hours.