Forza Horizon 4 - CaRPG in the UK


OK thanks - I got there now!

Didn’t you guys do the rival times? Most of my leaderboards don’t have any friend entries for that., at least so far. I think @Reemul was on one of them, but the rest are empty of friends so far. Rivals is my favorite part I think.


It has been in past games, but I never did find the Rivals interface in FH4.


I’ve been casually spending time with FH3 and will be dipping into FH4 soon.

I have a painful shortage of QT3 Drivatars. Feel free to add me on Xbox if you want another Drivatar name: AntediluvianArk


When you go to an event you choose whether o play it solo (vs avatar), coop, rivals, and some other one.

Come join me and do some rival stuff!


I couldn’t find you


Hmmm I kinda wish I didn’t post the link for the low price for Dirt Rally 2, then maybe @Rock8man would be posting some rival times here. :-)


Heheh. Yep. You’re to blame!


Hey you even called to me back in September. I had somehow muted this thread (I have no idea why) so I didn’t see it - but I found it now so I’m ready!


The main problem is the game is huge. I’d have to install it either on my PC or my Xbox, and I don’t have room on either. So I’d have to decide what I can delete or uninstall first.

I had room on my PC until Tuesday, when that room was taken up by DiRT Rally 2.0 (about 44 GB I think, whereas FH4 is about 55GB last time I installed it).


@Mr_Bismarck, I don’t think we’re friends on the xbox service, what’s your name there? I’m Rob C 04.

Is there anyone playing this or have played this that I’m not friends with on XBox?


I very rarely ran the rivals stuff on FH4. I mostly ran certain types of events, my own blueprints and then any other blueprint that I found that was good.

@robc04 - I’m BismarckMaybe on FH4 and the Xbox thingy because Windows Store screwed up my “MrBismarck” account somehow because of course it did.

I’m also on a Dirt Rally 2 kick though, so I haven’t logged in to FH4 in a while. I haven’t even checked out the new island DLC stuff yet.


Thanks, I just friended you on XBox. I’ll probably try some of your blueprints in the near future.


My problem with the rivals stuff was it almost always seemed to be Bugatti Veyron’s or McLaren Sennas or something like that.

That’s a perfectly sensible direction to go to hit 99.9% of their userbase, but is hilariously mis-aimed for me and my love of trying to off road a shitty 1981 VW Scirocco for example.

My favourite of all sim-racing cars is Automobilista’s open wheel “Formula Vee” made literally from 1960s VW Beetles and in Dirt Rally 2 I’m driving some French barge made by Citroen. If they released a “rusty shitbucket” DLC I’d probably snap that up.


Yeah, the top end cars aren’t a favorite of mine. I’ve been using my Ford Focus wherever it lets me.


Hmmm, that was weird. I believe I just added you though I had a little trouble with the system too.


Got it and accepted, thanks!


I couldn’t find you either. I tried right after Rob’s post about not finding you.


Maybe I need to re-check my privacy settings? Perhaps I have accidentally set something that is blocking searches? I will look into that.


As far as Rival races, I think I will start with the road racing ones and just go through those in order. I think I have 27 of them unlocked.

You can get there by Rivals Tab -> Race Discipline Rivals -> Road Racing.

So anyone who wants to do some leader board chasing that would be a good place to start :-)


I have been taking a break from Red Dead Redemption 2 for a bit anyway, and it’s 115GB+, so I think I’ll uninstall that tonight, and re-install FH4.

I’ll check out that Rivals menu tonight if I can install everything before bedtime.