Forza Horizon 4 - CaRPG in the UK


It wouldn’t be less painful to buy another drive?


I’m already using one. I have no more free USB slots on the Xbox.

As for the PC, I already have 3 drives. No budget for further PC improvements for a while.


Yea! I was able to find some rivals times to race against now.


My xbox name thing is mrluciferjones, if folks need more friends. I’ve added some of you folks as friends, fyi. I’m kind of just friending everyone on @robc04’s friend list that I recognize.

I should be playing a bit more than I have been lately - finally figured out a way to stream the game from my PC to my TV (using Moonlight). This is my couch game.


Last night I found the Rivals tab. I went into the first category (road races, I believe?) and saw that you had set several targets in that category. I checked the next category (off-road?) and you hadn’t set any there. I checked the next category (cross country) and you hadn’t set any there. I didn’t bother checking the last category (drag racing? WTF?).

So I went back to the first category where you had set some times. The first one was a Class B Classic Muscle car. I had one car that qualified, some kind of variation of a Mustang I think, even though there was no Mustang in the name. It’s a big lime green monster that handles like a boat. As soon as I started the race, I knew I was never going to catch you. You were in some kind of Corvette, and you were beating me even though you were going sideways during half the race. (Sideways is a terrible direction to go to set a good time). After about 25 minutes of trying I got within half a second of your time, but I just couldn’t beat it.

After that I went to the Festival through the menu. I mention this because there was no way to upgrade my car in the Rivals menu. I had to leave the race, fast travel to the festival, go to the garage, upgrade the car (carefully, so that it was still Class B), then go back to the Rivals menu and start the race again.

Suddenly it was too easy. I beat you on the first lap. Oops. Looks like I over-compensated. :) We’ll have to figure out a way to get it to be more even over time I guess.


This is exactly why I loved the early Gran Turismos so much. Trying to get the most out of your honda civic, was so much more fun than billion dollar supercar.


I saw that you had put up a time and beat me. I was happy to have something to shoot for! I tried to beat you with the corvette and could never quite do it. Your acceleration was too quick for me, so on some of the more sharp turns you were able to pass me. I saw my car rating was lower than yours so I too went into upgrades. I made my performance number match yours at 700. I improved my handling and acceleration mostly.

Now that both cars were at 700 I was able to shave 2 seconds off your time. After that I realized I still had traction control turned on, so I turned it off - so from now on we will be on more even footing.

I prefer the events where they mandate the cars and setups so it is always apples to apples, but I guess for the rest the best we can do is just try to keep our performance numbers the same - which isn’t a big deal because people can just upgrade to the car class limit.

I like the road events most so those are the ones I’ve been doing.


Challenge accepted!


Yea! I’ll probably try to beat your time later today.

This stuff is the best part of FH.


Look at that beautiful trunk! You could easily fit a body in there.


I need three or four bodies back there to get some more weight over the rear tyres for all this power.


Not by much, still room for improvement. I took the bodies out of my trunk for a little extra speed.


Nice work!


Now trying to load FH4 gives me “Load Failed. An unknown error occurred.”

Microsoft are so bad at this.


It made me do an update of FH4 today. Have you done it yet?


Yeah, I did the “get all the way to game start then quit out to update” dance before my earlier run.


I reset the store and it let me back in again. I took about two seconds off my time to a 42.5.


Well, I beat both of you on that track for a while at least. I was hoping my 43.877 would be unbeatable for an evening at least. :P I can’t take fancy screenshots of my giant trunk like you guys since I roll in first person. Best I could do is to show my giant steering wheel.


I can’t beat the one track that @Mr_Bismarck crushed. I can’t tell if I should try to get better with my corvette, or try a different car. Bismark’s car seems like it has more power as it can pull away from me when we’re both accelerating. But, it’s difficult for me to accelerate without spinning my wheels so maybe I should try to fix that somehow. I’m not so good at customizing and tuning cars.

@Rock8man beat me on two other tracks. The first was in a Lambo and it probably took me 15-20 tries before I beat it. There was a set of 3 turns that I just couldn’t match you in. I think you still did them better even when I finally beat your time. I forget what the other one was, an Aston Martin maybe? That one only took 2 or 3 tries. I think you are also beating me on the track I’m using the corvette on.

That was fun guys! I’m done for the night.


That Lambo track took a long time to get right. There’s a technical section where it’s very easy to be impatient on the throttle and to get greedy trying to brake late. Took me somewhere north of 20 laps to get right on the back of @Rock8man and then I got by him on the next lap.

The main question that comes from that event is: “who paints a Lambo that colour!?”