Forza Horizon 4 - CaRPG in the UK


I still can’t match the acceleration of you and @Rock8man on that first track, even with the same cars. We must have used different upgrades or something. Somewhere in the 60-80 mph range I can’t keep up.

That is some nice driving with the Lambo! I probably tried 20 times and I came sooo close. I think you have me by .003 of a second. It’s frustrating because I know I need to push myself to have a chance, so half the time I make a bad turn early so then I need to drive the rest of the lap for another shot.

This is so much better than driving against drivatars!


It’s also nice that thanks to you, we’re leveling up our Rivals level, which is a separate stat tracked like all the other separate stats in the game. Which reminds me, I still need to do the “Story” missions in the game. I think the only one I did was the stunt driver missions, but there’s quite a few more in the game.


I finally had some luck and beat @Mr_Bismarck 's time with the Alfa Romeo, but barely.

What does the Rival level do @Rock8man?


It’s just another level you have. There’s about a dozen of them in this game. You have your road racing level, your dirt racing level, your cross country level, your mixer level for watching Forza Horizon 4 on Mixer, your tuner level for tuning cars, your story level for playing story missions, etc. Each of these levels, you get rewards whenever you level up to 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, etc. Before we started doing this, I was Rivals level 1, and now I think I’m getting up there pretty quick.


I wish my MS XBox 360 Wireless Speed Wheel still worked. It’s too much of a pain to get it configured to work correctly since it is no longer recognized as a supported device. I liked that little wheel even if it wasn’t as good as a real mounted wheel. I found it easier to be precise with that thing.


If you’re struggling with acceleration you may have to switch to manual transmission.


Do you guys tune the cars at all for the rival races, or just do upgrades to get them to the top rating for the class?


I just auto-upgrade to the class. My Tuner level is still level 1. I’ve never even been in the tuner menus yet.


I just upgrade to get them to the level cap. I don’t even go into the setups and change that stuff.


Good. I hate tuning and was hoping that wasn’t going to be necessary.


@Mr_Bismarck we are getting some pretty good rankings on the leader boards with the back and forth we’re doing. You pushed me to keep trying and I’m in the top 3% on one and top 5% on another. You’re not far behind on those tracks. You still have some others that I can’t seem to crack.


I went back to the short classic muscle track and chased your Firebird around for a while and then found a 39 second lap from somewhere. I still don’t quite know where that came from.


Nice! That will probably stick.


Yesterday I set some bad times in the Off-road races to get the ball rolling there.


The 24/7 mixer influence is getting torched, get in on that now if you want it.


I don’t even know what that is :-)


I definitely have to concede a bunch of rival times to @Mr_Bismarck. I don’t think I can possibly beat some of them. Nice job on some of those tracks!

I haven’t noticed many rival times going up over the last several days. Have people gotten tired of it (@Rock8man, and others?) ? If so I may uninstall and install Dirt Rally 2 instead.

I completed all of the events on the FH4 map, well not all the things like speed traps, but I did all of the races. Diving against the drivatars just isn’t as fun for me as chasing times from people.


I didn’t get tired of it. I did try to beat a couple of your times last week, for a couple of hours each day, but was unable to do so. I should have moved onto something easier to beat, but I was getting so close, I felt like I could do it, but just couldn’t.


I have a league race coming up on 3/17 so I had to go back to running GT3’s semi-seriously, so I haven’t been in FH4 for a week. I’ll circle back to FH4 after.


That’s what I was like with some of @Mr_Bismarck 's times :-)