Forza Horizon 5 - Open world Mexico

I’m all about some rally cars too. I hope they let me keep the Talbot Sunbeam.

They seemed to keep a lot of the Australian cars for 4, so I’m hopeful they’ll do the same with the British classics for this one.

I was a little surprised they went with Mexico since they don’t have a lot of big car brands. I guess they’re saving Japan for later.

Winter was really when the season gimmick paid off. Being able to use the frozen lake meant you could make entirely new routes.

I enjoyed reading this preview.

Quite liked the PC Gamer version which was ‘well I really like this but I’m still going to be kind of complainy.’

This is another game in this generation which is going to have a Quality mode and Performance mode.

Normally, I’ve been fine with the 30fps of past games in the series, so I would have gone with the Quality mode. But the Series X port of FH4 is 60fps and it feels so much better to play, that I don’t think I can go back to 30fps. So I’ll likely play this in Performance mode.

One month to go.

DF think the 30 fps mode is really good, amid general enthusiasm :)

Interesting that Quality and Performance mode seem identical on Xbox Series S. The only thing different is Series X is native 4K, and Series S is native 1080p.

Since I only have a 1080p TV and a 1080p monitor, I guess for me the two versions will be exactly the same.

Playing any of the previous games will put their cover cars in your garage:

They’re also available in the autoshow, so no biggie if you’re missing any.

Forza Rewards is being discontinued (rip my top tier), no bonuses for H5.

The reviews are universally positive

So excited.

Game is out tomorrow for Deluxe edition owners, and Tuesday for the rest of us.

Meanwhile, here’s Digital Foundry taking a look at it.

I know the Horizon games are the more arcadey side of the Forza house, but can they be tuned (for lack of a better word) to be a little more sim-like?

You can turn off all assists and turn up all the penalties, but that game won’t get anywhere near as simmy as the mainline Forza Motorsport or Gran Turismo games.

I bought the premium edition so I should be able to play tomorrow. Preloading now, around 101GB.

The game isn’t as arcadey as NFS or Burnout or similar games, in the first place.

This is awesome. More of this for gaming, please.

Created in partnership with players from the Gaming & Disability community, we made it a priority to incorporate accessibility and customizable features in Forza Horizon 5. Some of these features available at launch include: a Game Speed Modification setting that allows gamers to play at a reduced rate, High Contrast mode and Color Blindness mode, customization of subtitles, menu and gameplay font size, screen reader narrator, text-to-speech and speech-to-text options, the ability to disable moving background, and more! And coming soon, we will have American Sign Language (ASL) and British Sign Language (BSL) support for cinematics in Forza Horizon 5.

God damn, all that is wonderful, this bit especially. Good on them!

I’m not familiar enough with deaf culture to know, but is this really better than subtitles?

One of my wife’s uncles is deaf and the way he explains it is that an ASL presentation is a lot more impactful than just text because text leaves out emotion or emphasis. I guess the equivalent for us is reading a forum post versus hearing someone say the same thing.

There are emotion and emphasis in Forza Horizon 5? :)

So far, I would love nothing more than to be unable to hear all the emotion and emphasis. Sadly, the volume slider for dialogue seems to do bupkis. I’ve turned it all the way down to zero and I’m still being assailed by talking idiots who want me to watch unskippable cutscenes. Man, the beginning of these games is worse than a dang JRPG or Kojima game.


Where does it fall on the 7 to 9 scale for douchiness?