Forza Horizon 5 - Open world Mexico

I feel pretty confident in saying that I’m probably not one of the more skilled drivers in this game but I am damn obsessive and can run lap after lap trying to chase a time - especially when I feel I have a shot. @ormus I still haven’t beaten your monthly challenge time but I have shaved the lead to under .1 second. I feel I have a chance. I have tried for 77 laps so far. I have a problem :-)

I managed to beat you @Ormus by a measly 12 thousandths of a second and hereby declare the contest done :-)

I won’t be surprised to see you beat me soon. You sure did push me to keep trying to better my time and while frustrating sometimes after I failed time after time - it was exciting!

If you put that many laps in then I think I will let you have it. Although there are still a few days left so no promises! I notice in the leaderboard that I accidentally had ABS on, surely a few tenths if I switch that off!!!??

Any hints for finding my missing 4 roads

Go to map, filter off everything, zoom in and sweep methodically. Pretend you are playing Might and Magic 3.

Cheers, tried that last night, might be my aging eyes

No! you don’t need to give it to me because I clearly have issues and get obsessed to an unhealthy degree :-)

Seriously, if you get in the mood to play it feel free to beat me again. These competitions are the best part of the Forza games. I get bored with the other content. You had a great turn - 3rd big one from the end (first of the 2 back to back hairpin turns). For the longest time I could get ahead up until that turn, but not ahead enough to stay ahead after that turn.

Check for small “stub” roads off of main ones - any little tiny vein off of a regular road, no matter how short, counts as a new “road” to the game and are easy to miss. Some of them are glorified driveways.

Any time I come across one I make sure to drive it, simply to save myself tediously scanning the map for them later.

Is this the monthly rivals event on the twisty Mexico City track?

Yeah, your run is crazy great. You’re still at the top of my leaderboard for that.

What are monthly rivals events and how do I find them?

Press Start.
Press RB to go over to the Online tab
Select Rivals
Select Monthly.
Wait a moment, don’t select the track there, wait for it to load. Once it’s done, you’ll see the option to press Y to select the ghost you’ll be racing against. Press Y.
Now on this screen press X multiple times until it filters to your friends list.
Now select a reasonable ghost to race against. Don’t select BismarkMaybe, it’s demoralizing.


One big difference with Forza Horizon 4 is that they had a couple of story chains at launch, and they added a bunch of story mission chains later, post-launch, some of them many months after launch. So while they were great, at launch you couldn’t just do story missions for a while, like you can in Horizon 5 at launch.

I’ve been really enjoying these. I think I have 3 chains of story missions still left. The camera symbol one, the head-to-head helmet one, and the V10 (director’s chair) one. I’ve finished all the Test Drive mission chains, the Wrestler chain and the VW Ocho chain. All of those were great fun.

Got 'em by a hair! :b

This is why I don’t sign into Forza any more. I just want to just drive a jacked up VW Beetle on a beach, but I know I’ll be getting emails “[former friend] has beaten your rivals time” and I won’t be able to ignore that.

Does anybody ever use steering wheels and pedals or are you all using a controller? I have both and have never driving for any length of time with a controller.

I have a fancy wheel and pedals, but only use a controller for the Forza games.

I’m using an Xbox One controller. I tried to use my old FFB wheel on FH4 once and it was…not a pleasant experience. I’ve read that FH5 plays better with a wheel than its predecessor does, though.

Wow, that is impressive! Nice job!

I think I will get to this point soon because I obsess over shooting for times. I’ll play for a while longer but I sense for my sanity I won’t last too much longer.