Forza Horizon 5 - Open world Mexico

Ouch! Harsh! Take that @Penny_Dreadful!

God, I loved most of those Beetle missions. All except the one about getting a high drift score. All the others, I’m really flabbergasted that they made all these variations of souped-up Beetles for the game that are not only crazy fast, but so easy to drive. (Again, with the except of the one meant for drifting, that one was so hard to drive, I kept drifting out of control).

Oh man, there are Beetle missions? You guys might suck me right out of FH4 straight to 5 (which I’ve barely started)!

I explored the mayan pyramids in the game last night. I thought it was going to be complicated to figure out how to get to the top of them to figure out a jump that would get me up there and get the bonus boards. But nope, they built ramps on the other side of each pyramid so you can just drive to the top! LOL. That was a relief, honestly, that area is relatively flat otherwise, I wasn’t looking forward to trying to find a way to jump up there.

It’s also strange that this game in particular, unlike previous Horizons has a lot of dirt roads that are not part of the “map”. So all these dirt roads out there that don’t count as something I have to paint in as complete. And there seem to be no bonus boards along these mapless dirt roads either. I’m still trying to explore them, thinking maybe there will be something there maybe.

I really like this dry winter season we’re in now. There were quite a few areas, where I was thinking “how the heck am I supposed to get there?”, but now that the water has receded in dry season, it’s really easy to get to those places.

I finished the Born Fast storyline. That leaves only the V10 storyline to go now.

I’m really glad I got the fast travel house early on, I’ve been using that a lot to fast travel when i feel like it. And even before that, I bought the Horizon Promo house so I could start taking pictures. I think I have pictures of 78 cars now, mostly all taken during the storyline missions. Lots of great cars used in the story missions, so I have pictures of them all now.

I have enough money for the daily wheelspin house now. I’ll probably buy that later today.

I just discovered the most amazing thing ever!

If you go into audio options and scroll down to the bottom you can disable the radio DJ so the stations only play music.

You can also just turn the radio volume down to 0, and play Spotify instead.

Back at you, Penny!

(P.S. Please don’t beat the time. I don’t want to lap this car any more)

You are awesome, great time! That is certainly out of my league.

When I challenge some random leaderboard people further up the charts they all seemed to be running the AMG1 without a rear wing?

Is that graphical, or did the bug that let you tune the car in between joining and starting an event work in rivals too?

If it is that bug, then next month’s event (which should be about a week) it shouldn’t be an issue.

If you insist. I’m into Stalker and Terminator right now anyway. Next month I take no prisoners though.

PSA: Don’t put obvious jokes about Kim Jong-Il on liveries, I guess.


I guess it was the #sendNukes the thing that triggered the ban.

I admire the optimism of the ban, thinking that any humans (or at least human civilization that could support the infrastructure for online gaming–there might be cave people again) will even be around 8000 years from now. At the rate we’re going, I don’t give us another 200, what with the already mentioned nukes, climate change etc.

I wonder how long the ban would have been if ‘year’ could handle a 5 digit value.

Some highfalutin’ analysis about why this game feels so good to play.

Now I really want to try the multiplayer for the first time.

Has anyone here tried the multiplayer races? @tomchick maybe? How do you fare? Middle of the pack?

Naw, I’ve played almost no multiplayer. Not even much rivals mode.

I have to admit that I’m confused as to whether I should even bother. As I’ve said, I play exclusively from the cockpit view, without the minimap or digital tach/speedometer, with all the assists turned off, without the colored traction line, with manual transmission and clutching. It’s not a very well supported way to play the game (for instance, there’s no way for me to tell what gear I’m in unless it’s part of the car’s dashboard), but it’s especially problematic in multiplayer. I would be driving against people whose cars have traction control and brake assists and automatic transmissions, who get a color-coded indicator of the race line that all but drives the car for them, with a full overhead view of the track on their HUDs and 100% visibility around their positions. Why would I do that? :)

I don’t mind missing out, as it’s not at all a progression track that interests me. But more to the point, it’s a progression track that I feel like I’ve been shut out of because of how I enjoy playing. But I would be curious to hear how it’s working out for other folks.


I’ve played quite a lot of multiplayer, and it works well. There is just the right amount of fishing to prevent griefing, while still allowing and rubbing and needing to orchestrate passes.

Everyone is ghosting at the start, to prevent the inevitable clusterfuck at the first turn as in prior games. Then it’ll ghost of someone is about to slam into you at high speed, so people can’t just use you as a turning assist and throw you into the wall.

Also, if you slam into walls at high speed, it penalizes you by slowing you down for a bit.

Known as “crashing” IRL. Not currently implemented in Forza in any meaningful way. :)