Forza: Let's go Racing!

Calling all Qt3 car clubbers. It’s the first weekend for the game so get online and race damnit. Yankeefan and I have been online quite a bit but we need more buddies out there. There’s a huge difference between the stock cars and a modded one so get out there and build up your garage.

Don’t forget there’s an online career mode, so you can still gain credits and level up while racing with friends.

Yeah, let’s get more of us out there!

Well I just got my new Xbox going (see other thread) so I have to spend a little time getting a small stable of cars going.

Forget that “building up a cadre of cars” nonsense. Get in there and drive!!!

I was on several times today, but no one in the car club was on and available to race against. At most, I saw one or two other people in the club, but they were unavailable.

Instead, I played some career-mode Online races, in both D and B classes. I used my customized Audi TT rated D1 in some D races, where it seems the majority of people racing D1 cars gravitate to the Audi TT. Unfortunately, my car wasn’t as tweaked as the others, so the best finish in about 3 races there was 3rd, with 2 4th place finishes. At one point I was cruising in 2nd place out of 8 for most of the race, until the 3rd place guy sideswiped me and completely spun me out of a turn, and I dropped to 5th place for most of the rest of the race, finishing 4th at the very end. No other incidents of borderline dirty racing, though.

The B class races were much more diverse; I used my custom Vauxhall for this one, because I never see people using the Vauxhall. Of course, everyone used B1-rated cars, but one player had an '87 Porsche 911 and another used a souped-up Tommy Kaira that just blew every other racer out of the water on the straightaways. Luckily, my Vauxhall just dominated most of the other racers in the turns, and I posted a few respectable 3rd out of 8 finishes, with a couple 4th place finishes.

Online Career mode has been just a blast to play, especially since you still earn credits and go up in Level from them. I even won a prize car for reaching Level 10 after an online race. And probably because of the sim-ish feel of the game, the online racing community in Forza has been pretty outstanding to date.

So, let’s see some more Qt3ers out there and racing already!

I forgot to take a network cable with me when I went to play on my parents’ giant plasma screen today, otherwise I would have been online and kicking ass.

My only real gripe with the online racing is that because I use a wheel, I can’t use the communicator. This is common to all racing games on Live, however. I just wish that I could plug the communicator into a second controller and talk that way.

I was thinking about getting a wheel, but not if I can’t talk as well. Doesn’t seem like that would be a real hard problem to solve…

It’s interesting to see how people are cusomizing thier cars for class restricted racing. There seems to be a lot of people taking a light car and overdoing the hp to the detriment of grip and weight. They smoke on the straightaways but you can catch them on the curves if you’re the better driver.

Unfortunatley I’m not that great of a driver.

Lately I’ve been having a hell of a time putting together a C class ride for the Professional C Series. I usually upgrade tires first, which again, leaves me on the lower end of the torque/hp equation for the class, should I ditch the full on grip racing and go for squealing tires on every corner?

I dunno, I usually try to max out Acceleration and Cornering to hit that *1 level for that class without going over. I let the speed freaks burn me on the straightaways and then watch as they crash or spinout trying to take the hairpin at the end, while I smoothly glide past the carnage.

To that end, I usually go with weight reduction, suspension, and tire upgrades, followed by aero upgrades and acceleration upgrades.

Then again, considering I usually finish 3rd at best in Online Career races, perhaps my approach is just wrong and I should devote more to pure power and speed and less to stability and control, hoping my m4d sk1llz can get me through the turns.