Forza Motorsport (2023) - Raytracing, time-of-day, and a firehose of cars

Looks insane.

This totally looks amazing… part of me has to wonder though, wtf is the point of rendering individual blades of grass, when you’re flying by at 100+mph.

Interesting little tidbit here:

“Our ethos is that we’re shaping the future of automotive entertainment. So to do that, for the last 10 years, that meant coming out with AAA games every holiday,” Greenawalt says, explaining the evolution in approach. “Now, it actually means creating a platform inside of Game Pass, that keeps players coming back again and again and again and again. And builds a community bigger and bigger and bigger, where the ultimate home for competition with cars becomes Motorsport .”

Bolding mine.

The difference between the presentation video and the previous installment on the same track is nuts.

Does this have hot lap leaderboards and if so can it be filtered to stock car setups without tuning?

I love fighting for the fastest lap times with friends, mostly here on Qt3, and I’d like it even more if it were easy to do so with identical car setups.

Forza Motorsport 2023: Cheaper Than a Tank of Gas

Maple Valley sure is looking nice. The trees alone are a huge improvement over 7.

They 99% will rob. That was a feature in older games. Dont know about filters though.

Nice, thanks!

New info page:

Little faq:

What stood out to me was the 20 environments. 5 will be new. So we’re losing … 18? environments + tracks from the previous version. Hope they aren’t my favorites!

All I really care about is if they’ve fixed the career. The driving and graphics in the last one still hold up for me.

Cover is here. I guess one of these cars is a Cadillac? And one is … a Corvette or something?