Forza Motorsport (2023) - Raytracing, time-of-day, and a firehose of cars

It’s a fun show about Cars, airing on the BBC for many, many years. One of their segments was to bring in a celebrity for an interview, and then put them in a reasonably priced car (which changed over the seasons) around their test track. So no matter what else each episode had, it always had one segment where a celebrity drives this car around their test track. So getting to do it yourself in Forza 4 is quite the treat. Driving it yourself is quite different from the camera angles you see on TV.

Here’s one with Rowan Atkinson:

Here’s one with Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz:

Oh, apologies, I know of Top Gear, I should’ve been specific, not sure what Star is a reference to.

Just the bit on Top Gear, “Star in a Reasonably Priced Car”.

They also have that track in sims that allow mods, like rf2 and AC. Its cool to drive it, whether in a a shitbox or supercar.

Got it, thank you.

Oh man, I need to make room.

Oof. My series S isn’t going to keep this game installed all the time then.

They put out a blog post thingy about upcoming updates:
Enjoy New Content Every Month with Forza Motorsport’s Evolving Racing Platform

  • Yas Marina november. Something else in december. Nord in spring.

  • Monthly tours with weekly limited-time themed race series. Complete them all for a showcase event with a free car. Unlike Forza Horizons you can still complete them for a couple weeks after the tour is over.

  • Doesn’t matter if you win, what level you are, or what cars you use. Complete opposite of Horizon’s live content which required you to win events on expert with specially tuned cars & buy randos for chores all the time.

I looked into the Premium edition upgrade. I have that for Horizon 5, and Starfield, playing a week early is a nice bonus incentive if the timing is right.

But then I saw that the Premium edition comes with VIP thingies, which will make me earn twice the money from each race. Ha! That’s the opposite of what I want from these games. I want to at least get through a series of races before I earn enough money to move on from one car to the next. With VIP, I bet you earn money way too fast.

you can just earn like a vip and spend on a budget

It seems to me 100GB is now the new normal. or at least just big. It isn’t ‘huge’ anymore!

True. I’ll likely have to do that anyway, even without VIP. The last Forza game that had a good balanced economy where they made you earn and save enough money to buy your next car was Forza 5. I absolutely loved it, but it was really poorly received. Apparently people play these games while regarding the actual racing as “grind”, for some reason. I can’t get my mind around that. If the actual racing is a grind, why are you even playing a Forza game at all? You can completely avoid the “grind” and play something else!

Disk is cheap. I also don’t know of anyone that has caps on downloads these days but I guess some people do? Either way, games aren’t going to get smaller. 100GB doesn’t move any needles for me.

Sure, but I only have 2 NVME slots. How many does your motherboard have? The C drive my computer came with is only 500 Gb, and in the extra NVME slot I bought a 1 TB for Game Pass games. But that still means rotating them in and out. Now, if I could ADD more NVME drives somehow, that would be great, I’d add a 2TB drive this time.

Get a PCI-e expansion card and add another drive. You probably have one more PCI-e slot available on your motherboard. This is what I did. I only have one M.2 SSD slot on the MB.

Alternately, get one of the item shown below and a bigger drive, clone your existing Windows partition and swap that in to replace the 500GB. Replace your 1TB with a 2TB… or a 4TB SSD. You have lots of options to add more storage and cheaply.

Yeah… I kind of want to just do the racing.

It’s the same for Monster Hunter, Call of Duty, or any other game with XP or numbers that go up as you do things. Some people just want the dopamine hit of dinging a level and actually playing the game is the “grind” to them.

Now, if you have to do the same races repeatedly because there’s no other way to advance, then that’s a legit gripe I think.

I’m ready to do the racing. I’m not too fond of the change of multiplayer into iRacing-style events though. From what I can tell, you won’t be able to just sit down and join an online event without having to go through qualifying and then waiting around…

If I wanted to play iRacing, I’d just go do that.

True, and to be clear, I never had to do that in Forza 5, or the original Forza (the two most stingy games in the series so far). There were always plenty of new unique races to be run with each of the cars I was finally able to afford.

Disk is cheap – except on the Xbox Series consoles (the only thing I have capable of playing modern games) where it’s still expensive.

Sorry about that. Microsoft and its partners are gouging you. No doubt.

You can plug in any external USB storage to the XBOX. Just get an enclosure and a decent 2TB SSD or NVME.