Founding Fathers Forum Game: A republic, if you can keep it.


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President Marshall would like to ignore the issue.


After the British defeated Napoleon, President Marshall thought that it would be wise not to rise to their provocations. Although this cost him some popularity at home, support for the ruling conservative party surged after evidence of the potential costs of an aggressive approach came to light.

President Marshall next turned to the issues relating to slavery. Several southern states claimed that Marshall’s policies did not apply to them due to the guarantees of the Tenth Amendment. This nullification crisis would occupy most of the Marshall administration for 1823.

Nullification Crisis is a difficulty 4 issue for the President and Congress. If Resolved, Revenue -4, Popular Support 3 to Conservative Party, +0 popularity.

If failed/ignored, Tension +1, 2 IP to Conservative Party Leader, popularity -3.

@Panzeh, will President Marshall ignore this issue or refer it to Congress?


Marshall will spend 2 IP to send this issue to Congress


@Ironsight is first to vote.


DeWitt Clinton uses his position as VP to pressure some in Congress to support the Whig-National stance on the Nullification Crisis. Spend one faction IP for 3 votes. Vote Yes with 13 votes.



Vote yes with 3


@Brooski to vote next.


13 votes no


14 votes no


11 votes yes- I believe it’s the VP’s job to break the tie


Clinton breaks the tie with a Yes vote.



Maybe if literally everyone else runs out of influence I can have some effect on the outcome of this game…


Plenty of time left in the game to make your mark. And even more time if we decide to continue playing through the expansion, which I now have on order.


Marshall went to South Carolina to speak to the Governor, who was claiming the right to nullify Federal Law. The local press was consumed with stories attacking Marshall the Betrayer, a Virginian who took the Presidency and used it to step on the necks of the South and their peculiar institution. Tensions were at a fever pitch.

After long negotiations, the Governor agreed to back down from his nullification position, in exchange for changes to the tariffs that would reduce federal revenue. While this satisfied the Governor, it did not satisfy the throngs that had taken to the streets.

As Marshall left the state capitol, he was approached by the youngest son of a prominent local plantation owner. Marshall extended his hand to greet the gentleman, and was surprised to see a pistol pointing back at him. The man fired, and Marshall was struck dead on the spot.

(John Marshall dies. DeWitt Clinton becomes President. The Vice Presidency is now vacant. Polk is now Conservative Party Leader.)

Marshall’s death created shockwaves in the nation. The plantation owning class retrenched, becoming more aggressive at defending their rights in the political system. In the short term, discipline was increased on plantations, which filtered down into even harsher treatment of the slave population.

One enslaved person, Nat Turner, determined that he had had enough. He liberated a troop of fellow slaves, overwhelmed the plantation’s overseers, seizes their weapons, and executed their families. Turner and his band then moved from plantation to plantation, executing owners and overseers.

President DeWitt, will you direct your general to deploy regulars to assist the militia?

Nat Turner Uprising is a difficulty 3 issue for the General. Success has no effect. If failed or ignored, +1 Public Support to Conservative Party, - 2 popularity.

@Ironsight, over to you.


Surely you mean -2 popularity? It’s a pretty small slave revolt if it only caused -2 population :p


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Persecute Autocorrect under the sedition act.

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