Founding Fathers Forum Game: A republic, if you can keep it.


Play Coalition Building and vote NO with 16 votez. @Cuthbert


NO with 16 votes



Play coalition building and vote YES with 12 votes


@Navaronegun since I already voted.

Current vote is 32 No vs 27 Yes.


Yes with 7 votes. @CF_Kane


Congress, realizing the dream of John Adams in 1800, again authorized the creation of a National Bank. Standing in the way was their old foe, Chief Justice Crawford, who struck down the first attempt to create a bank as unconstitutional. @Panzeh, another test case has come to the court. Will Chief Justice Crawford cancel?


Crawford will not cancel.




No Collusion, no charges!


Traditionally one waits for a new Supreme Court before bringing another test case…


Pressure from the Whig-National party on the Supreme Court resulted in a surprising switch by Justice Crawford at the end of President Dallas’s term.

We’ve reached the end of the turn, so it is time for treasury phase and the election.

The Treasury Phase: The United States has a healthy public fisc, with 191 in the treasury.

The Election of 1828

The Election of 1828 would pit President Dallas against James Monroe.

@Brooski, Monroe selects a running mate first.


Nominate A. Gallatin



Gallatin accepts

@Navaronegun to nominate


Btw can anyone list the states currently in the Union?


New England
New York
New Jersey
The Carolinas

Why we always win…

…that’s an ominous coda there


President Dallas nominates William Rufus King as his Vice-Presidential nominee. He accepts.

King invites James Buchanan (@Cuthbert) to accompany him on the arduous campaign across the nation (to help keep his spirits up).

The Conservatives will place first, @CF_Kane


The first three cubes are automatic:

Dallas - PA
King - AL
Monroe - VA

@Cuthbert has to decide now between OH, KY, or Carolinas.


Ohio (was not expecting to be nominated, shooting from the hip here)