Founding Fathers Forum Game: A republic, if you can keep it.


Influence is distributed to each faction, the faction leaders, and Martin Van Buren.

Next up we have the draft. Draft order is:


I will distribute cards shortly.


Once again foiled by Moose and Squirrel.


The Butcher of New Orleans, Ben Butler arrives in DC, fresh off freeing some slaves and stealing some southern ladies’ silverware


Cuthbert now has a second set of statesmen on the spreadsheet, in the former Player 6 position. He just has too many dudes.


I win! That was my hidden victory condition all along.


Lol. I meant to play @AbrahamLincoln


Thomas Hendricks joins @Panzeh’s faction.


Franklin Pierce joins the Clinton-Webster faction and promptly buys everyone in Congress a round of drinks.



Draft is now complete. We move to the Newspaper phase. @Navaronegun, would you like to publish the level one Conservative Paper?

Once Navaronegun decides, @Brooski, would you like to publish the level two Liberal paper?


Publish. Also start another paper for 1 IP.

Also William A. Wheeler joins the President’s faction. He is 9 years old.


Not time to start a new paper yet. @Brooski, there are level 1 and 2 liberal papers. Public support is currently 3 in favor of the Conservative party (accounting for the existing Liberal papers and newly published Conservative paper).


Do not publish.

Spend IP to push both up the track


Also play Honest “Abe” Lincoln - 3/1 IL with 3 votes.


Still not time to spend IP on papers, but we will get there.


We are now in the spend influence phase. Each player may spend influence to do each of the following:

  1. Give a speech.
  2. Whip up support.
  3. Place or improve a newspaper cube.

Note that you can only do each action once (e.g., can only place or promote one newspaper cube).

@Navaronegun is up first.


1 personal IP for whipping and the same for a paper.




@CF_Kane has to resolve the whipping first


President Dallas having support whipped up:

“Too much bondage, not enough discipline!” - Harvey Korman

Everyone else was thinking it

Uhm, no. :)