Founding Fathers Forum Game: A republic, if you can keep it.


@Panzeh to vote. Current vote is 0 Yes, 39 No.


10 votes yes @Ironsight


The Clinton-Fillmore faction uses 3 IP to add 9 votes and casts 23 Yes votes. Current vote count is 33 Yes - 39 No. @Navaronegun


The King-Bentonians vote “Yea!” with 8 votes. The measure passes!

The nation is heartened!

Next Issue please, @CF_Kane


The nation prepares for the admission of MEGA-OREGON


Thanks to the influence of the Fillmore-Clintonian faction, with a timely assist from former president Dallas, the Americans are able to persuade the British that the 54th parallel is the proper border for Mega-Oregon.

The next issue that President King would have to address is preventing the Kansas-Nebraska Act, a bill that would give the two states “popular sovereignty” to decide on issues of slavery, ending the Missouri Compromise.

Prevent Kansas-Nebraska Act is a difficulty 5 issue for the President and Congress. If resolved, 3 IP to Conservative Party leader. If failed/ignored, 1 IP to Conservative Party leader, -2 popularity.

@Navaronegun, how will President King handle this issue?


Ignore. Popular and local sovereignty is a founding principle of the nation.

Next issue, Kind Sir (@CF_Kane)


The Seminole Tribe in Florida just won’t quit. President Dallas’s old nemesis returned to trouble the good people of Florida in 1851, potentially triggering a second Seminole war.

Second Seminole War is a difficulty 4 issue for the General. If resolved, 1IP to conservative leader, public support 1 to Liberal party, Reserves -40, popularity +2. If ignored, place in next deck. If failed, -2 popularity, place in next deck.

@Navaronegun, will President King refer this issue to General Grant or ignore it?


Send General Grant and have him resolve the problem.

Quoth Dallas, "Chief Bowden! I’ll git ya!"


Grant accepts the assignment and crushes the Seminoles, for the last time. AFK until later tonight. @CF_Kane has my back on issues and such.


The Second Seminole War was a success, and made both King and Grant personally popular, at the cost of some support for the Conservative Party as a whole.

A president has died. Specifically, Dewitt Clinton, who served as President after the untimely demise of President John Marshall. The first, and thus far only, Vice President elevated to the presidency, Clinton ably handled the Nat Turner Uprising before stepping aside to allow George Dallas to bring his particular talents to the presidency. Clinton was mourned by many in the Conservative Party. Notably not present was Albert Gallatin, who has stopped attending funerals in order to dodge the grim reaper.

The popular sovereignty policy pursued by the King administration did not go exactly as planned. Battles between pro-slavery and anti-slavery partisans spilled over from the territorial government into guerrilla violence.

Bleeding Kansas is a difficulty 4 issue for the President and General. If resolved, 1IP to Conservative leader, +1 popularity. If failed or ignored, tension +1, Public Support 2 to Liberal, 2 IP to Liberal leader.

@Navaronegun, will President King send in Grant to restore order?


Send General Grant and have him resolve the problem.

Spend 2 personal and 1 Faction IP


Per directions from @Ironsight, General Grant does so.

@Navaronegun to appoint remaining cabinet positions (Treasury, War, Envoy).


Appoint G.B. “The Virginia Creeper” McClellan (@Panzeh) as Secretary of War.

Appoint Roger Taney as Secretary of the Treasury.

Appoint my trusted colleague and long-time bosom pal James Buchanan (@Cuthbert) as Special Envoy to the Principality of Monte Carlo.

He’s a Liberal. Damned Constitution.

Appoint J. C. Breckinridge as Special Envoy to Mexico. Maybe we can get some land out of them…


Buchanan accepts.


I’m sorry James. Forgive me? The Senate won’t allow it.


Buchanan retires from public life in tears.


Jessie Benton gloats, silently.


Treasury Phase

The United States remains on strong financial footing. Reserves 325 + Revenues 38 = Reserves 363.

Election of 1852

President King stands for reelection.

Perennial candidate Thaddeus Stevens is nominated for the Liberal Party.

Because public support is zero, and President King is the less popular candidate, President King must announce his running mate first. @Navaronegun?


President King nominates Millard Fillmore (@Ironsight).