Founding Fathers Forum Game: A republic, if you can keep it.


Well maybe Clinton could be the Night King then. It didn’t end well for him either though.


President Dallas’ theme song.


Stevens chooses US Grant


Grant accepts. @Navaronegun


I mean this electoral take on the Washington Generals is very entertaining.


Calling it a night. If @Navaronegun wants to nominate one of my guys for King’s VP I’ll accept and you guys can work out the cubes as you prefer.


President King nominates Millard Fillmore (@Ironsight).


Millard Fillmore accepts. @Panzeh, @Navaronegun, do you guys want to play this out or are you going to continue your understanding as to how the election will go.


I’m happy to skip the formalities, its a replay of the last election. @Panzeh?


Sounds good to me.


Congratulations to President King and Vice President Fillmore on their reelections.

Draft is next, in the following order:


Abolitionist John Brown assembled 18 men to strike a blow against slavery by seizing the Federal arsenal in Harpers Ferry, Virginia. He succeeded in the effort, but was captured several days later by a force commanded by a company of United States Marines commanded by Brevet Colonel Robert E. Lee, who was on leave from the 2nd United States Cavalry Regiment, stationed in Texas. Lee sent Lieutenant J.E.B. Stuart to negotiate the surrender of Brown and his men, who refused. The Marines stormed the arsenal, capturing Brown and his men.

Brown was put on trial in Virginia, accused of treason against the Commonwealth of Virginia, found guilty, and hanged. On the day of his execution, he wrote his last testament:

I, John Brown, am now quite certain that the crimes of this guilty land will never be purged away but with Blood. I had, as I now think vainly, flattered myself that without very much bloodshed, it might be done.

Brown became a martyr to anti-slavery forces in the North and a villain to pro-slavery forces in the South.

@Brooski plays Raid on Harpers Ferry. 4IP to Conservative Leader (President King), Tension +1 (to 3).


@Panzeh’s Thaddeus Stevens Makes an Important Speech, gaining one influence.


It would have been better if General Grant had kept that man locked up after resolving the Kansas problems. Change can and should come, but while terrorists and extremists on both sides of the issue fan the flames of violent conflict, hidebound with their millenarialist ideologies, change without their self-fulfilling prophecies of holocaust proves more distant.

—President W.R. King, Letter to the Atlantic National Magazine, 1853.


I’ve asked @CF_Kane to clarify a card so we’re on hold at the moment.


Once @Ironsight signals that he is ready to move forward, I will distribute influence points (which I should have done prior to the draft, but it doesn’t make a difference in this instance), and @Navaronegun can start us on the people phase.


Go ahead. I’m keeping my cards close to the vest, for now.


President King does nothing of political import in the People Phase. He does however, pay a visit to his bosom buddy, and long-time pal-around, James Buchanan’s (@Cuthbert) home in Pennsylvania to encourage him to reenter politics for tto improve the comity of the Nation in these troubling times (“Please, James! I’m sorry! Forgive me. You know none cares for you the way I do!”).



Will Pass when it’s my turn in The Round.


What are we waiting on?