Founding Fathers Forum Game: A republic, if you can keep it.


@Panzeh’s Thaddeus Stevens Makes an Important Speech, gaining one influence.


It would have been better if General Grant had kept that man locked up after resolving the Kansas problems. Change can and should come, but while terrorists and extremists on both sides of the issue fan the flames of violent conflict, hidebound with their millenarialist ideologies, change without their self-fulfilling prophecies of holocaust proves more distant.

—President W.R. King, Letter to the Atlantic National Magazine, 1853.


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President King does nothing of political import in the People Phase. He does however, pay a visit to his bosom buddy, and long-time pal-around, James Buchanan’s (@Cuthbert) home in Pennsylvania to encourage him to reenter politics for tto improve the comity of the Nation in these troubling times (“Please, James! I’m sorry! Forgive me. You know none cares for you the way I do!”).



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Stevens will make a speech for free


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That Thad Stevens sure can talk good. +1 popularity.

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