Founding Fathers Forum Game: A republic, if you can keep it.


Appoint John Marshall Sec’y Treasury
Delegate issue to him



Spend 1 faction influence to send the Tariff II to Congress


+1 Popularity to Marshall as Secretary of the Treasury.


Voting order is:


Going to bed, so we vote “yea! with 7 votes” now


12 for Yes

Grognard Wargamer Thread!

12 For yes



8 Yes

Edit - @Brooski since @Navaronegun already voted.


Vote YEA with 20 votes



The Second Tariff Act of 1794 was initially designed as a measure to raise revenue for the Northwest Indian War. Once that was won, it continued to be popular as a measure to prevent unfair competition from Britain, who still saw the United States as a captive market for its goods.

(+20 revenue, to 30. 1 popularity to Washington and Marshall).

@Brooski, anything else before the next issue?


Jay or Marshall?

Next card please.


Marshall, of course. Fixed that in the tracker and my post.

The next issue on the table is the Bill of Rights. It is a difficulty 3 issue for the President and Congress. Passage gives the president +3 popularity. Failing or ignoring gives the President -3 popularity and -3 public support for the President’s party.

[I will add a better write up later]

@Brooski, what say you on the next 10 amendments?


Wot hath my colleagues to sayeth?


This Bill of Rights is superfluous as the Constitution is perfect as is. No need to waste Congress’ time on such matters.


While I approve of the bill of rights, I think that VP John Adams, a brilliant legal mind, should be the one to shepherd it through the Congress.


FYI, Washington and Adams both get the popularity boost in that instance.


Really? It says the VP is responsible for handling the issue as though he were the president.


The VP handles it but the Pres still gets or loses the popularity depending on the result. Somewhere it says the buck stops at the Presidents desk, maybe in the FAQ.

Edit - From the FAQ:

Q. When the President delegates an Issue to the Vice President, does the President also receive any
resulting Popularity gains or losses? Yes (the buck stops at his desk)


Ah, I see it now.

Then I suggest we not amend our current Constitution until we have given it a fair test-run.


Why thank you sir. I’ll happily shepherd it through the upper and lower houses if the President (@Brooski) wishes.