Founding Fathers Forum Game: A republic, if you can keep it.


Voting starts with @Panzeh?


Vote yes with 8 votes @Ironsight


In spite of having no idea what a Hoosier is we’ll vote Yes @Navaronegun


Vote yes with 5 votes, @Brooski


YEA wythe 10 voughts


I think Bruce’s accent is gradually getting further and further into the past…Yes with 18 votes


Indiana is admitted with unanimous support in Congress.


The next issue on the table concerns the native inhabitants of the lands purchased from the French and conquered by the United States. Should they be removed from their land, to clear the way for westward expansion, or can some accomodation be found?

The Indian Removal Act is a difficulty 4 issue for the Secretary of War and Congress. If resolved: Public Support 2 to Conservative. 3IP to Conservative Leader. CJ may cancel and place in next deck. President may override cancellation at cost of 2 popularity. +1 popularity.

If failed or ignored, place in next deck. No change in popularity.

@Cuthbert, to you to appoint a Secretary of War or ignore.


Appoint James K Polk Secretary of War and turn the issue over to the Vice President

@Panzeh @Ironsight


Polk will resolve the Indian Removal Act


Pinckney accepts the delegation. @Panzeh for voting.


8 Votes yes @Ironsight


17 votes Yes @Navaronegun


Vote Nay with 5 votes

On General Principles.

“Though I wear a shirt and tie
I’m still part redman deep inside”



10 votes NAY



Yes with 18 votes


@Panzeh, will Chief Justice Crawford cancel?


Crawford will not cancel.


“Crawford has made his decision…and we are all happy with it.” -Andrew Jackson


While Hamilton was remembered as a strong President who oversaw a period of rapid growth and expansion of American territory and the American economy, his legacy was tainted by his policy of Indian removal. In its time, however, the policy was praised for allowing the expansion of American settlers further to the west, allowing the full exploitation of the territory conquered in the Indian Wars and purchased from the French. Speculators, now paying in specie, were particularly happy about the opportunity to cash in on new lands, lending both influence and popular support to the Federalist-National party.

(+1 Popularity to Hamilton, CC Pinckney, and Polk. 3IP to Hamilton. +2 Popular Support to the Conservative Party.)