Founding Fathers Forum Game: A republic, if you can keep it.


I’d like to point out that I had both VP candidates in the last election (Burr and CC Pinckney) and played the best cube locations for each.


Why wouldn’t you? You’d get to be VP either way! :p


Nominate E. Gerry as VP




Elderly Elbridge Gerry, signer of both the Declaration of Independence and the Articles of Confederation, is nudged awake brought back from deep political thought by a kind, young Andrew Jackson, seated next to him in the Congress. He clears his throat,

"I accepte ye nominashun for the good of these colonies!"


John Quincy Adams announces the formation of a new Conservative party called the Whig-National Party and is happy to offer the nomination of Thomas Pinckney as his Vice Presidential running mate.

@Panzeh to accept


This was founde on my wyndeshield!


Those are two fine looking gentlemen indeed.


Pinckney accepts the nomination.


@Ironsight, do you want to exercise your option to place second?


No, we will play first. Adams plays to NE of course.

In fact the first three cubes are set with NE, Carolinas and VA so it’s up to Gerry to decide where to play adjacent to VA since NE is blocked. @Navaronegun


Indeed. @Navaronegun, Ohio, Kentucky, and Maryland are available.




Adams plays NY. I believe whether Pinckney plays to TN or GA the Whig-National party will then have 108 votes (42+31+25+10 = 108) of the 215 total and the win. I know @Brooski does not have the card that can split NY and splitting MD does nothing if he has it.



@Ironsight, I agree with your count and have you at 108 wherever Pinckney plays. @Brooski, any disagreement from you on this point.


When @Brooski agrees we can move to the first issue. No tariffs/taxes or appointments yet.


I’m at work and can’t eval until tonight but I’m fine with what y’all conclude here.


@Ironsight, we have a whole phase first. We need to do the People phase with card draft and initiatives.


You’d think I’d remember that by now…


You had me believing it though, I was totally ready for the Issues


@Brooski, I’ve done some gaming out and there is no way that Madison and Gerry can stop Adams and Pinckney from getting 108 electoral votes, even if cards were to break in your favor, so I’m going to keep the game moving.

Influence is distributed as follows:

  1. One to each faction.
  2. One to Adams and Madison as Conservative and Liberal party leaders.
  3. One to Burr for his special ability.

Draft order is:
@Panzeh (22 potential VPs)
@Brooski (25 potential VPs, 10 votes)
@Ironsight (25 potential VPs, 17 votes)
@Navaronegun (27 potential VPs)
@Cuthbert (29 potential VPs)