Founding Fathers Forum Game: A republic, if you can keep it.


Thomas Jefferson would like to choose Aaron Burr @Ironsight as his running mate.

It may be a forlorn hope(public support is quite important in elections with such a linear layout), but Jefferson must try and bring some principle to the presidency.


Did you just say that General Washington has no principle?

I’d like to capture that for the publick record.


Ok, now

I choose John Adams as my running mate.

Let’s get this election started.

I place my cube in the great state of Virginia.



The Election of 1792

President Washington and Vice President Adams of the Federalists were contested by Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr of the Democratic Republicans. Although Jefferson expressed that it may be futile to contest a man as popular as Washington, he felt it was his duty to fight for a more limited government that reflected the issues favored by the South.

At stake were 134 electoral votes. In order to win a majority, one of the parties must claim 68.

Washington and Adams start with the inside track, quickly locking up Virginia (23 votes) and New England (38 votes), for a total of 61. They would only need to pick up 7 more electoral votes to win, which they could do by claiming either Maryland or the Carolinas, each of which seemed ripe to support Washington.

Meanwhile, Burr had locked up New York (12 votes), and blunted Adams effectiveness outside of New England.

(Sorry about the ugly “map”)

@Panzeh, where will Jefferson place his first cube? Carolina or Maryland are on the table.


Jefferson will place a cube in the Carolinas


Washington places a cube in Maryland.


I saw that…

Ok, now that the returns are in the newly re-elected EST Veep is going to sleep.


The remainder of the election is now predetermined. Adams can no longer place. Jefferson places in GA, Burr places in PA, Washington in DE, Jefferson can no longer place, Burr places in NJ.

Final results: Federalists win 74-60, with the final map as follows:

+3 Popularity for Washington, +1 for Adams.


Oh, I didn’t realize New England was all one haha.


For those watching at home, it looks like this:

Washington blue
Adams green
Jefferson red
Burr orange

Thanks @CF_Kane for running this madness.

I am done for the evening - will check in tomorrow.


The People Phase

  1. Influence Gains: Each faction gains 1 influence. Washington and Jefferson gain one influence as party leaders. Hamilton and Burr each gain 1 influence due to their special powers.

  2. Action Card Draft: I draw 7 action cards, which will be drafted in reverse order of total popularity cubes.
    The order:
    @Cuthbert, -1
    @Panzeh, 1
    @Navaronegun, 4 (tie break, lowest Congressional votes with 6).
    @Ironsight, 4
    @Brooski, 8

The hand limit is 3, and Cuthbert and Panzeh will get two action cards, assuming they can fit them in their hands. You may immediately play or discard an action card if you are going to exceed the limit.

I will PM the list to Cuthbert now, and send it along to each player as cards are selected.


I’m sure there were riots in Vermont and Rhode Island upon this game’s release

EDIT just wanted to make clear that I always make fun of abstractions and such in game mechanics, but I know they’re necessary and do not reflect criticism of the game, which is good fun!


Alexander Hamilton is pleased to report that Albert Gallatin has joined his faction

Although of different parties, the two are confident they can have a profitable partnership


No one could possibly take your humorous comments as criticism of the game. If they do, lemme at 'em!


I see a lot happened while I was sleeping! I know we want to keep the game moving along but we need to be mindful of the rules while we are moving forward.

  1. I was never given the choice of whether Aaron Burr would accept the VP nomination or not. Since there is doesn’t appear to be any downside to accepting the VP offering and I don’t want us to have to redo the whole election based on that alone I will belatedly Accept it.

  2. There are cards that can be played during an election that cause some states to split their vote totals. They can also affect where players can place subsequent cubes by adjacency. I haven’t gone over the election cube placement yet as I just got up but I have a card that might have affected the election results had I chosen to play it. Please give me some time this morning to review what options I might have had to use my card. If it is clear that my card placement would not have affected the results then I won’t contest the election. It might have been possible for @Panzeh and I to confer on cube placement strategy to get a better result, or maybe not, but I would like to see about that this morning.

  3. Not sure if the President was given the Pop bonuses for getting re-elected but since the election might be contested that might change.

  4. Each player only gets to draft one card with any extras going back in the deck. Nobody gets two cards.

Anyway, sorry if anyone considers me a “rules lawyer” at this point but I do feel strongly we should play by the rules as best we can.


Aaron Burr is indeed conferring with Thomas Jefferson on whether we want to contest the results of this election due to voting irregularities. Not only might the election result not have been the landslide that was proclaimed, but the final result might have been completely different. Please give us some time to confer before proceeding. Thanks.


Apologies all, this was on me. I was excited about the election and didn’t think through possible plays that could have arisen. Ironsight, let me know if you want to rerun the election today, or if you wish to make card plays that would not otherwise change the deterministic nature of the selection of states, but would change election results.


No apology needed. We’re all learning the game as we play. I have a PM in to @Panzeh to ask him if he wants to rerun the election. I do see a way for Jefferson and Burr to guarantee a win unless @Brooski or @Navaronegun have certain cards in hand, but I won’t ask for a rerun unless @Panzeh agrees.


Unless you are playing a card, it is mathematically impossible. VA and NE are 61. The next play by Washington wins it. MD or the Carolinas. End of election.


Did we get cards? I didn’t seem to…