Founding Fathers Forum Game: A republic, if you can keep it.


@Navaronegun Cards are drafted in this game, in the order identified—it hasn’t gotten to you yet, but it will soon. Also, we may need to redo the draft if Messrs. Jefferson and Burr are holding some dirty tricks up their sleeves.


I admit that I do not see a path either, even assuming that the available vote splitting cards are all in the hands of Jefferson and Burr, but I am happy to let them figure out if there is a way to secure victory.


I’m holding on to Gallatin, I don’t see anyone else getting to -1 popularity in a campaign before it became possible to photograph the candidates wearing an ugly hat.


So I have you down for eggs over easy, hash browns, and an Alien and Sedition Act. Coffee and Juice?


There is a way for us to win 68-66. And yes we will play a card to make that happen if @Panzeh agrees . And Washington/Adams could counter with a card to foil our play if they have the right card(s) and still win. This is based on the premise that the election is not over the second Washington plays a cube in MD as all the votes in all the states need to be counted after all cubes are played. If you don’t agree with that then we need a ruling from Rick, either that or we can play the card at the start of the election to effect the same result.

Edit - Actually by the wording on the card we can’t play it at the start of the election, only after something happens first. By now I’m sure I’ve given away which card I’m talking about but that’s OK.


The only change, in an election flip scenario, would be that Navaronegun picks before Panzeh, so we don’t need to change much in the draft.


@Navaronegun Grapefruit, please. We really should get around to annexing Florida one of these days.


@Brooski, @Ironsight, @Panzeh, @Navaronegun, let’s rerun the election and game this out.

Round one requires Washington to place in VA, Adams in New England, and Burr to place in NY. Where will Jefferson place @Panzeh?


Please allow @Panzeh to reply to my PM before we go further. Our order of play is very important and I’m not going to burn a card if he isn’t on board with the plan. Thanks.


Sounds good. @Panzeh is up to claim a state anyway, so we are waiting on him to move forward in any event.


Give my only card to @Panzeh. I believe he will claim the Carolinas shortly.


Jefferson places a cube in the Carolinas


Your turn, Mr. President (@Brooski).


Place cube in Maryland


@Navaronegun is next. He has no valid placement, but can play a card if he would like. If he declines, @Panzeh is next.


Decline, @Panzeh


Use Maryland Splits the Vote and then place a cube in Delaware


@Ironsight is next. Only valid placement is Pennsylvania unless he plays a card.


Pennsylvania Back you you Mr President @Brooski.


The Society of Friends and the Anabaptist Pennsylvania Dutch and Germans, pacifist sects, were alienated by the brazen Anti-Federalist push for War with Britain during the first Term of President Washington. The Massachusetts/New England Federalist Bloc, led by Adams, and aided by John Jay, had made inroads with these groups, prior to the election of 1792. As a result, Pennsylvania split its vote, granting the Federalists the election .

Play Pennsylvania Splits its vote