Founding Fathers Forum Game: A republic, if you can keep it.


Place cube in New Jersey

I am in the ICU so I can’t pay close attention right now. If I hold up the election have @Navaronegun play for me in a reasonable manner. I think we are done, though? Maybe.


@Brooski Places in The Garden State, just to run up the score.


No, @Brooski can’t do that as he has no cube adjacent to NJ. Splitting the vote is only statesman specific, not ticket wide so he has no play. You @Navaronegun could play in NJ after splitting PA. However that does indeed win you the election since a split vote in NC would not help us. Well played and I’m glad we redid the election regardless of the outcome, just so we got it right.


Actually, in a post-Twelfth Amendment election (one slate), he is now adjacent to New Jersey and could place there. it all depends on when the next selection is after the card is played. This is moot in this election, but in a more sorely contested one, this enables someone who isn’t adjacent to become adjacent, as well as splitting the vote. Jefferson would then take GA.


It’s clear that cube placement is by statesman and it says if you are hemmed in you can’t use the other players cubes to break out of that.

Edit - That applies to 12th amendment elections as well the way I read that section.


@Ironsight is right, but it doesn’t make a difference here. When you split the vote, it placed an Adams cube. Washington could not place on the basis of the Adams cube, because you can only place adjacent to your candidate’s cube. That being said, Adams can place in New Jersey, so the result is the same.

The Federalists win 80-54, in what would go down in US history as one of the odder elections.

I will continue the card draft now.


The reason I gave the card to @Panzeh was because if I put my cube in MD then he would have no way to block in DE. He played it to then block DE and then I blocked PA so @Brooski had no move.


John Adams makes an important Speech after the election is won, decrying the Jacobin influence in certain political circles in the country and it’s determination to foment a war with Great Britain for the nefarious purpose of aiding the French radicals across the ocean (+1 Influence).

A young Politician from Massachusetts named Rufus King is inspired by the Speech and joins Adams’ Congressional Coalition. 1 Ability/2 Popularity, 1 Vote


Invigorated by the Democratic-Republican showing in 1796, new member Gallatin makes an Inspiring Speech on the future of the party and gains one influence.


We may be playing too fast for @CF_Kane to keep up! :)

Edit - afk for a while.


@Cuthbert Gallatin does not meet the requirements (at least 3 popularity). Hamilton could do it if you want.


Sorry didn’t see that. I’ll hold it for the moment, thanks.


I believe the tracker should now be current through the add influence phase and any new statesman card plays. The draft is ongoing, and once that is done we will move to initiatives.


Are we just waiting for @Brooski to decide on his card then?


I chose my card but will be out until this evening Pacific Time.


So now that @Brooski has drafted we are up to 4. The Round then? Looks like that starts with @Brooski so that won’t happen until after I’m in bed probably. :)


Hey guys, I’m sorry, I definitely misread the rules when I said this. The remaining cards get discarded.

For The Round, the rules provide three choices (make a speech, whip up support, and fund newspapers). The rules state that “each may only be performed by a player once per turn.” In the eyes of the group, do you think that means that on your turn, you can do all three things, or only one of the three things. I think the rule describes the former.


I guess our friendly designer is too shy to announce it (or I just missed it), but he just put out a fourth expansion!!

This one takes the game up through WWI. I am going to order it, and we if people are interested, we can use it for another game, or to continue this one, if folks haven’t gotten their fix.


I agree with you that you can do each of the three once per turn, so the former.

And great news on the expansion!


Hell yes, very excited to be Teddy Roosevelt