Founding Fathers Forum Game: A republic, if you can keep it.


I now have sufficient clarification to describe The Round

Starting with @Brooski and going in faction order, each faction may perform EACH of the following ONCE:

  1. Give a speech. Spend 1IP from faction influence or the Statesman giving the speech. Roll a die. If you roll a six, the Statesman gains one popularity. After the roll, you can modify it by +1 per IP spent, which again can come from the faction total or the statesman giving the speech.

  2. Whip up support. Name a statesman. Spend 1IP from faction influence or the named statesman. Roll a die. On a 1-2, no effect, on a 3-5, +1 popular support for the statesman’s party, on a 6, +2 popular support for the statesman’s party.

  3. Fund newspapers. Select a Statesman. Spend 1IP from Faction Influence or that Statesman. Place a cube of that Statesman’s party on the start position of the newspaper tracker —or— spend 2IP to move a cube on the newspaper track one to the right.

Once everyone has had a turn, we will auction an initiative, using any influence points from faction treasury or statesmen in the bidder’s faction. Bidding proceeds starting with the player on the President’s left (@Cuthbert). The winner gets an extra initiative to perform one and only one of the three actions above.

If no one bids, there is no extra initiative.

@Brooski to take his turn when ready.


Hey, thanks! Some sites have rules about self advertising so wasn’t sure… Would be cool to see this game continue on.


I believe the winner of the extra initiative auction also gets to draw an action card for his hand.


@Brooski, given that Washington is term limited out and will have to retire BEFORE we do these actions next term, and you don’t get anything for influence on him when he retires, I request that you do some party building with your actions this turn.


Ok @CF_Kane Imma do all three things.

Start with give a speech. George Washington gives it and uses IP from his own pool.


@Brooski Washington rolls a 5. Going to spend the extra 1?


Yes he does


@Brooski, what next?


By the way all, I updated the tracker to include cards in hand.


Madison spends 1 IP (faction) to whip up support.

Washington spends 1 IP to fund newspapers.


Madison fails to whip up support. Washington starts a newspaper (the Virginia Chronicle &c.). @Cuthbert is next.


Hamilton spends one Influence to make a speech


@Cuthbert Hamilton is a natural, impressing a crowd with his wit and scathing denunciation of the Democratic Republicans. You rolled a 6, so get +1 popularity. Anything else?


He’s on a roll, so he spends one from the faction pool to rally public support for the Federalists. After that I’m done either way, @Panzeh


No luck rallying support, unfortunately.


I’ll play William Crawford from my hand.

Then spend 1 IP from Jefferson himself to have Thomas Jefferson give a speech.

1 IP to have Jefferson whip up support

1 IP to have Crawford fund a newspaper


Jefferson makes a compelling speech to a moderate sized crowd of supporters in Richmond. With a little influence, it could probably be picked up by the larger newspapers. (Jefferson rolls a 5, @Panzeh, would you like to spend an additional IP to gain a popularity?)

Jefferson’s speech also whips up some support for the Democratic Republicans among the southern states. (Another 5, resulting in a shift of 1 popular support towards the Liberals).

Crawford founds a Liberal newspaper, the Savannah Democratic-Republican Evening Ledger.

@Panzeh to decide on the last IP, then over to @Ironsight to act.


Spend the last IP to get Jefferson a point of popularity.

I believe a 5 on whip up support pushes the PS +2 toward the party.


@Panzeh, sorry, my error in the description above. I just rechecked the rules, and it is 3-5 for one space, 6 for two spaces. I’ve edited it to be correct.

@Ironsight is up.


JQ Adams will burn 1 faction IP for a rousing speech. Come on bones, Quincy needs a pair of shoes!