Founding Fathers Forum Game: A republic, if you can keep it.


JQA rolls a 3. I guess he just isn’t that inspiring. @Ironsight, want to spend 3IP, or take any other action?


Negatory. I’m done. Over to @Navaronegun



John Adams appears, surprisingly, in Charleston, for a tour of the deep south. In Charleston he makes a speech, couching the regionally unpopular tariff in terms of protecting the Plantation owners and Traders of the South’s right to trade with their primary partner, Great Britain. Along with this defense of Administration policy, he again warns of Jacobin radicalism, and its agents in the new country attempting to push the country towards war in defense of a radical, alien and bloody ideology, opposed to everything the new republic stands for: property, individual conscience and free trade.

Use 1 Faction IP for a Rousing Speech.


The Southerns listen begrudgingly, and are unconvinced. A smattering of influence among the local politicians may help smooth the way for Adam’s argument. (Adams rolls a 4. @Navaronegun, do you want to spend 2 IP to gain the popularity?)



Yes, from Faction Influence.

Adams then sails to Savannah, where he again gives the same speech and meets with local notables (Whip up support with 1 Faction Influence).

John Adams then founds The Atlantic Patriot, a newspaper, which publishes these speeches and other writings. Based in New York, the newspaper’s goal is to spread the Federalist Party message beyond New England and New York to the entire seaboard nation-wide. Spend 1 John Adams Influence.


John Jay does not have any influence according to the tracker.


@Navaronegun, you’ll need to use faction influence for the paper (as Jay has no influence), which will put you to zero. Still interested?


See edit.


That works, although technically Adams founds the paper, or you pay for it with faction influence and use the Adams influence for one of the other spends. Does not change the outcome.


John Adams was not able to whip up any support for the Federalists in Savannah, instead running into fierce opposition drummed up by the newly published Savannah Democratic-Republicans Evening Ledger. (Adams rolls a 1).


We now move on to the auction of a final initiative. Players bid with influence in faction and on their statesmen. The winner gets to draw an action card and take one of the three actions from the people phase (speech, whip up support, newspaper). (You still need to pay influence for the action.)

Bidding starts with the left of the President. @Cuthbert is up first.

For reference, total available influence:



Bid 1






Bid 2 @Navaronegun although you don’t have 3 influence so I guess it goes to @Brooski?


Curses, I was hoping nobody would think to bid higher than 1.


It does go to @Brooski, with the bidding at 2, unless @Navaronegun plays some influence generating cards to intervene (if he has any).


I bid 2 IP for initiative


I already bid 2 so you need to bid 3 if you want to win it, or Pass and I win it.


Oh sry I bid 3 IP


Congrats, you’re the weiner. :)