Founding Fathers Forum Game: A republic, if you can keep it.


So submitted. Voting order is once again @Cuthbert, @Panzeh, @Ironsight, @Navaronegun, @Brooski.


After Much deliberation and soul searching, and absolutely zero back-room deals, Hamilton chooses 12 votes for Yes



After some consideration, Jefferson and his colleagues vote Yes with 12 votes.


We are pleased. Also, it’s kind of hard for TJ to not vote for the Bill of Rights. Kind of just wrong, plain ole wrong.


For the good of the Conservative party, and only for the good of the Conservative party we cast 8 votes Aye.

To you Dad. @Navaronegun


Good to have you on board, son. Watch that Burr fellow. I’ve never trusted him.

We vote Yea with 7 votes, for the protection of individual rights and conscience against the bloody tyranny of the mob, as in Paris. Mr. President (@Brooski)?


Name W. Crawford Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

Vote AYE with 20 votes.



Are we waiting on @CF_Kane to reveal the last issue for this term?


Yes, to resolve this issue and then deal the next one.


Never mind, I see what you mean.



(post gleefully written by author, but was immediately reconsidered for fear of tarring and feathering by the Qt3 Progressive contingent. No worries, these thoughts will be automatically deleted in 24 hours unless flagged)


The Bill of Rights passes thanks to some political maneuvering on the part of Washington and Adams. (+3 popularity for Washington and Adams).

Although some initially opposed the Bill of Rights as meaningless frippery, and others as an effort to secure more power for President Washington, ultimately few could oppose the wisdom of preventing the quartering of soldiers in the homes of the citizenry. The other amendments got little mention, confounding future scholars and judges alike.


I will take the fourth and final issue of this term.


I’m sad I did not get to see whatever @Brooski posted.

In any event, the final issue brings yet another letter from France. This time it comes from a young artilleryman, now styling himself Emperor of France. He intends to war with many of the crowned heads of Europe, and seeks American support. He assures Washington that he is much better than the last set of Frenchmen, who the Americans sent packing.

Napoleon Seeks Help Has three options:

  1. Difficulty 5, Envoy, Aid Napoleon: +1 Popularity, Reserves -60. Public Support 2 to Liberal. 1 IP to Conservative Party Leader. May be sabotaged.

  2. Difficulty 4, Envoy, Refuse: +3 Popularity, Reserves -15, Louisiana Purchase Complete. May be Sabotaged.

  3. Ignore: No popularity effect. Reserves -30.

@Brooski to appoint an envoy or ignore.


Looks like option 2 is the only way to get a bunch of states


I would tend to agree.


Agree, otherwise we take a big hit to the reserves.