Founding Fathers Forum Game: A republic, if you can keep it.


Will you send Money, Lawyers and Guns?


We would prefer to send help to the French, who have helped us, but it is well known that the Georges are very well aligned on matters of foreign interest.

One might wonder… has anyone seen the King and the President in the same room?


@CF_Kane A correction to the spreadsheet—T. Pinckney is no longer General.


@Panzeh Does T. Pinckney want to be the Envoy?


Pinckney will accept the position and spend 3 Faction IP to successfully refuse.


Appoint T. Pinckney Envoy
Delegate task to Envoy


We know who your idol is.



Ok, either someone Sabotages or @CF_Kane can move us on to the election!


I’m pretty sure it says somewhere in the rules that Thomas and Charles Pinckney are twins so they share popularity equally. Can’t seem to find it right now but I’ll keep looking. Carry on…

Edit - Treasury comes next, then the election.


Sorry all, been running around all day today. Will have updates in a few hours.


No worries dude. We just have a bunch of old men sitting here crapping their pants. Oh, and also the characters in the game.


No sabotage from me. I think you need to appoint the Secretary of War before we move to the Treasury phase @Brooski


Ah yes. A Sec’y d’Guerre.

Appoint John Jay Secretary of War


The Second Washington Administration, 1793-1796

While his first administration ensured that Washington would go down in history as our first President, his second was one that would ensure he would go down as one of our greatest. Washington deftly maneuvered the United States, expanding its effective control of territory far to the West with the Northwest Indian War and Louisiana Purchase, while avoiding entanglements in foreign wars. Washington also managed to protect both the rights of all Americans and America’s infant industries. What cemented Washington’s legacy was his decision to retire from the Presidency at the height of his popularity, allaying the fears, held by his few detractors, that he might become defacto king of the United States.

Washington retires after two terms. He has 17(!!) popularity cubes, which gives @Brooski 17 victory points and the lead.

The Treasury
Reserves are at -35. Revenues are 30. The United States pays interest on its remaining debt of -5, making the total reserves -6. There is no need for a roll to see if the Economy collapses due to debt, as reserves are greater than -100.

We now move on to the election.


The Election of 1796

After Washington’s resignation, John Adams was considered the clear successor and head of the Conservative Party. Washington’s rival (and prior opponent) Thomas Jefferson staved off a strong Challenge from fellow Virginian James Madison to lead the Liberal Party.

Washington’s popularity rubbed off on Vice President Adams, and popular support favors the Conservatives for this election.

Game State:

Mr. Jefferson (@Panzeh) please pick your running mate. A reminder, no one is required to accept a role as Vice President.


Heading to bed. Will be interested to see who is President when I wake up tomorrow. :)


May have to decide tomorrow on the VP pick.


For people following along, and for ease of reference of the players, I am going to post two views of the various Candidates:

The first, sorted by total popularity, it used to determine party leadership:

The second is a more complete view sorted by number of popularity cubes. Popularity cubes convert to VPs, so if the game ended now, this reflects how the candidates would score.

I hope this helps. Looking forward to @Panzeh’s VP pick tomorrow.


I’ve also added a new item to the game state, which is “Potential VPs,” which is defined as current VPs plus current popularity cubes for each player, which gives a snapshot of what VPs are currently set at. Obvious popularity cubes will change frequently, but I hope the information is useful to players, and it avoids people having to add it up themselves as the game goes on.


The Influence numbers on all of those images are wrong, because I forgot to take away 3 from Panzeh, spent to solve the Aid to Napoleon Event. Panzeh should have 3 total influence, all of which is on Jefferson. Also, Cuthbert should have 2 faction influence, rather than his current 0. Everything else stays the same.