Founding Fathers Forum Game: A republic, if you can keep it.


Pennsylvania it is then

Hamilton enjoys the coveted Quaker vote.


@Panzeh, Jefferson to place next. He only has Carolina as an option. @Brooski, Monroe to follow, he only has Delaware. @Cuthbert, Hamilton to follow, he only has New Jersey. @Panzeh, Jefferson then takes Georgia.

Please let me know if anyone sees a different logic, or would like to intervene and play a card.

If this is agreed, the Federalists win a narrow 72-62 victory relying solely on Northern States.




A Race goodly run, Mr. Jefferson (@Panzeh).


Indeed- I only wish my colleagues in the north would’ve been amenable to running.


I am very curious about what incentives Mr. Adams may have offered the potential Liberal VP candidates.


I think we agreed to play this game without any negotiation whatsoever…


Pretty confident that this is snark, but just in case:


The People Phase

  1. Assign influence: One influence to each faction. One to Adams and Jefferson as party leaders. One to Hamilton and Burr per their special ability.

  2. Draft Action Cards:

Once I get home from work and the toddler to bed, I will deal out the next set of action cards. Draft order is:


Go with your gut


@Panzeh, you are up in the draft.


@Brooski manages to grow his faction’s presence in Virginia, recruiting elder statesman Patrick Henry to the cause.


We have completed the draft stage, so we now move on to The Control Newspapers phase. Party leaders @Navaronegun and @Panzeh, you may elect to publish the Conservative and Liberal newspapers, respectively. If you choose to publish, they will give you one popular support and then disappear. If you hold off, you or others in your faction can increase the value of the newspapers by spending 2IP.

This table supposedly makes it easier, though I’m not sure I’ve done a great job translating it from board to spreadsheet:

Once we are done with Newspapers, we move on to the Round, where we start with @Navaronegun and then move down the player order. Each player may Make a Speech, Whip up Support, and Fund Newspapers.


The Atlantic Patriot publishes.



The Empire State spawns another Federalist. DeWitt Clinton joins my faction.


Publish the newspaper.


The two newspapers publish, cancelling each other out. @Navaronegun for the first turn of The Round. Any speeches, whipping up, or newspaper investing? Each costs 1IP base, plus possibly more for the speech.


Adams will attempt to meet with Party leaders in PA and MD to whip up support using Faction Influence.. That is all.


Adams succeeds with a 4, whipping up one support for the Consevative faction.

Over to @Brooski for the next action.


No actions.