Founding Fathers Forum Game: A republic, if you can keep it.

Nope, not directly. Just the extra pop gives him leadership.

Stevens accepts and I vote yes with 11 votes

@Navaronegun, you don’t have enough to block this one even if you wanted to, so Michigan becomes a state. There was much rejoicing.

Didn’t know I was up. Late night at the WH last night. Next issue, Mr. God Voice Man (@CF_Kane)

The final item for President Dallas’s term concerned the Florida territory. Florida, a colony of the Spanish Crown, had been the source of a number of raids on the United States by the Seminole Tribe. Florida had become a burden on the Spanish, who could not afford to garrison the colony or send additional settlers. Spanish Envoy Luis de Onis y Gonzalez-Vara reached out to Secretary of State Thaddeus Stevens with a proposition: Spain would cede Florida to the United States in exchange for establishing a boundary between the Viceroyalty of New Spain and the United States.

The Adams [Stevens]-Onis treaty is a difficulty 5 issue for the Secretary of State and Congress. If resolved, Reserves -5, Popularity +2. If failed/ignored, Popularity -2.

@Navaronegun, will you allow Secretary Stevens to go forward with negotiations, or will you instruct him to ignore the Spanish offer?

Appoint De Witt Clinton (@Ironsight) Secretary of War

Appoint Daniel Webster Special Envoy to Venezuela

Appoint James Monroe Chief of the Census Office and Albert Gallatin Inspector of Imported Cheeses, 'cause he’s French and whatnot.

It’s a Big Swamp…but I want it. Then we can send the Army down there to deal with the Seminoles. I hate Bobby Bowden.

Send the Issue to Secretary Stevens (@Panzeh) and give him one Personal IP to help him out on this one. A little Dallas magic to smooth this one through.

Stevens will spend the assigned IP and one of my IP to send this to congress.

Mr. Chief of the Census Office (@Brooski) your faction is up to vote.

Is there also a Secretary of the Treasury to appoint?

I assumed that was the census? Or possibly the cheeses

Did James Monroe actually get appointed to anything?

On his last day in office, President Dallas appoints his drinking buddy, Franklin Pierce (@Ironsight) as Secretary of the Treasury. After shots.

Chief of the Census is a serious job, now. Gotta count ‘em.

Should we save time and just ask Panzeh who gets to be president and Vice President?

Also we missed the census this is 1832

What’s a year or two?

Gotta vote before the election. @Brooski first.

I urge everyone to vote no here, too many alligators.

Shouldn’t you be looking into the quality of the Cheddar or somethin’? I heard you people like that in Paris.

Technically it’s only cheddar if it’s made in the Cheddar region of Brittany, otherwise it’s just sparkling cheese.

See! Good appointment! Right man for the right job!