Four - No -Three X TBS Slipways Deserves Its Own Thread

There is [some semi hidden math]: the dark icon only means something is missing: if you hover over the planet, a tooltip will show exactly what resssources you need to provide to level it up.
At low level usually it’s a matter of a single ressource, but as the planets get bigger, they require usually wider imports.
That tool tip also shows what the planet will need in the future. It’s super important.

Worth a listen. I haven’t finished the discussion but so far they are generally positive.


This game is pretty damn good, though I suck at it, three single star rounds in a row. :(

It’s incredibly addictive. I never can let down a run once I start one, for some reason.

My interest in this game was killed off as soon as I played Mini Motorways. Only room in my life for one logistical puzzler now.

Tell me more.

I fired this up for the first time, watched the instruction / tutorial videos. Thought this looks simple.

My brain just doesn’t see the initial connections because it wants to find planets that output something without taking an input. Like, if everything requires an input how an I going to start producing anything!!

Eventually I started making connections, but my peeps got too unhappy and they kicked me out with 9 years left. I understand the concept, but my eyes won’t see.

Did you try the Alt key that shows the connections? (It might be Ctrl, can’t remember).

I did, and it helps, but for some reason those multi layered connections don’t register in my head. I really have to work to keep track. The planning function helps too (right clicking on planet option).

I’m going to try again, but I was really, really bad at it.

Try sticky help keys in the Settings. It holds the Ctrl or Alt feature so you can figure out patterns. That really helped me understand the trading systems. I finally cracked 3 stars after a bunch of games. I’m glad the dev added the score tracker system. That helped me figure out which combination of races gave me my best score to get me over the 3 star hurdle.

Me too. My track record is: fail, fail, one star, one star. But I think I finally get it…

Wooo woo, I didn’t lose my job and got a star. Baby steps!

How are people finding the longevity of this? I did enjoy the demo, and it is not expensive but backlog etc.

Sort of medium right now. While the mechanics, UI etc are polished, the available variety feels as though it’s still in early access. In particular only the first chapter of the campaign (out of maybe 6) is actually implemented so far. I gather the second chapter is due soon. The available rulesets for non-campaign runs are based on the campaign scenarios, so there are only three options there.

On the plus side, the randomisation of planet positions makes for a different puzzle every time you play. Also there are optional wrinkles that can change up gameplay a bit, and a bit of randomisation in which techs the sponsor races offer.

I didn’t regret my purchase at all (especially with the epic coupon taking 75% off the price!) but I’m definitely done with the game for now. I am expecting to go back to it at some point once the campaign has been extended.

Ok thanks for that.

Epic claims I’ve played for 20 hours, though probably an hour or two of that will have been the game left running while I was doing other things.

It’s brain-eating matter. Oh a single game is only one hour, but
1/ Good luck interrupting yourself in that hour. Don’t ever start the game if you got somewhere to be in 45 minutes :O
2/ I’d suggest against playing more than a game per day. Sleep might be affected with logistics solving dreams. Few games have done that that systematically here. I remember the first Puyo Puyo at the time, Close Combat 2, and Desktop Dungeons.

Played a game while eating breakfast and got two stars this time. It felt good to make some progress. I don’t think this is a game I can play on a daily basis though. I think it’s one of those…I don’t know what to play - hey I haven’t played Slipways in a while let’s fire up a game of that.

I played it very heavily for 1-2 weeks on release, haven’t gone back since. The core puzzle is satisfying, but it’s missing a reason to keep playing after you’ve had a couple of really good runs.