Four - No -Three X TBS Slipways Deserves Its Own Thread

Yes maybe when the other chapters are added as rho21 mentioned above that will help.

You’re replying to the machine who achieved 15 stars in a week.

So mere mortals will get more legs from it then.

I don’t think a story mode and steamies is what will give jesnell more reasons to play it XD

I’ve been debating whether to wait for a sale while the game bakes a bit more. I really like a meta-game for this sort of thing. The Empire mode in AoW: Planetfall comes to mind. Some sort of larger goal to chase.

Unless you’re into score chases, you’re probably never going to get that in Slipways. It’s designed from the ground up for self-contained playthroughs.


Or if one is aiming for that unattainable perfection, like the perfect, full-screen combo clear of Puyo Puyo @_@

Thanks for your reply. I certainly can enjoy games structured that way, so I’ll probably still give it a go. After I try Humankind on Gamepass…

That’s true, but I think there would have been other changes to the meta-structure of the game that would have given it more longevity (for me). The basic problem is that the scores are too dependent on the setup, so it’s hard to say if you did well or badly on a given run. The same for just raw stat tracking. If one setup in 20 has the potenial of producing a new personal high score, it means 95% of the runs are just busywork. It also means that the majority of the content of the game is irrelevant, since interacting with them at all will be suboptimal play.

Making the gameplay less dependent on the setup would be bad, since the variety of setups is where a lot of the fun comes from. What you need are better ways of estimating how good the performance was relative to what was possible for this specific setup, rather than globally. The weekly challenge was maybe intended to do that, but for various reasons didn’t really work for me.

I have an old city-builder puzzle game design that I originally scrapped as not fun, which I’m now slowly revisiting since Slipways showed that some of my assumptions on what would work on the gameplay side were wrong. The one thing I’ll definitely do if that project progresses is put more effort into the meta-structure.

This is such a strong pragmatic take on what I consider to be the most futile occupation of all time! It is funny an individual abstract game appeals to persons playing for so different motivations.
I hope you’ll see your project thru and I get to play it.

Finally got a full platinum run.

Heavy science (+4 per lab), slipway relays (and the advanced version) so I could connect lots of stuff up and forgeworld → luxuries + technocracy for easy score boosts.

What is a “full platinum run”?

I just played my first game, on the default Reasonable setting, and scored 8296, with 3 gold stars out of 5. Not great, I guess, but at least I wasn’t fired! It was pretty fun. Toward the end I wasn’t sure whether it was worth expanding my empire further or instead building trade stations. I went with building those structures, and my happiness did go up, so maybe that was the right call.

I do wish there were more of a meta-game. My score is stored, but I can see it only if I start a new game. I supposed “ranked mode” is what I might be looking for? Do you guys use that mode?

5 platinum stars. (36025 points in this case)

Way better than I did on my first game!

It does pretty rapidly get to a point of roll up a new seed, see if there’s any combination of perks and science that you want to try, and give it a go and see if you get a good start. If not, reroll the seed.

I haven’t tried ranked mode, but I guess it’s a more tightly defined challenge.

I feel I got my money’s worth, and trying to extract more fun from the game would probably be more frustrating than enjoyable. It’s definately worth spending some time with and trying a bunch of different builds though.

There’s also a campaign. There were only a couple scenarios when I tried it, months ago, but lots of placeholders!

Just got updated with the second third of the campaign. Sounds like it might be a while until the final third, but the 8 missions that are in there look interesting…

Picked this up in the winter sales. Man, I suck. Failed so many games, finally got a one-star, then a three-star finish; tried the campaign, failed at that a bunch of times.

Just now finally got my first 5-star finish, thanks to researching Mind Control in the final year and just mind-clamping all those unhappy planets. That’ll teach 'em!

Seriously, though, I like this game, but it really seems like you’re at the mercy of the map? Like, if you uncover a large area where there’s no way to make, say, people, or green stuff, then that area is just useless, and if you have already started building there (because you can’t scope everything before you start building), you’re likely to end up with an unhappy planet or two that just tanks your whole game. What am I missing?

I used to worry about things being perfect before starting to build but nowadays I’m willing have one temporarily unhappy planet at the expansion edge that’s hoping there’s something further out that will save it. I noticed that there’s often new connections in old star systems that weren’t possible because the systems upgraded, and I think systems can take one? more? units of their basic imports once their basic needs are met, so you can use that to help upgrade planets.

But I’m getting like one star sometimes two star finishes so hardly a pro. Really enjoying this though!

If a system can take an import, you can send as many units of that import there as you want, they just have to come from different planets. This can be annoying as it can consume goods you wanted to send somewhere else.

Sometimes you need to send a duplicate import - getting planets to successful will always need 2 imports, even if it only accepts one type of good.

I suck at this game so much, I am lucky if I get 1 star on the easiest difficulty.

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