Fourteen Hollywood Stars participate in your cousin Dieter's pretentious student film

Er … I mean, fourteen hollywood stars act out “classic screen types” for the New York Times:

I haven’t watched them all yet but … it’s kind of weird. But neat also. Is this the signal of the start of the Vanity Fair “oscar photography” season?

Vincent Cassels is very cool.

I enjoyed Javier Bardem smashing stuff.

My girlfriend is going to get a kick out of the James Franco one when I show it to her. She hates Franco and thinks that’s pretty much how he thinks of himself.

I didn’t even recognize Chloe Moretz.

Michael Douglas is looking fucking terrifying. Jesus. I knew he was ill, but that hair is what really makes him scary.

Vincent Cassel is a slick motherfucker.

Robert Duvall is the most interesting man to watch doing pretty much anything.

The rest? Meh.

As a straight guy I feel a little weird about noticing this but:

First four, three guys covered to the neck, one woman who strips off her clothing.

It makes me sad, as a movie fan, to realize how sexist our society is.

That said, Jennifer Lawerence looked hot!

I heard in an interview the other night that he studied movement with a circus and spent some time studying ballet. He was amazing in one of the Ocean’s movies - 12, maybe? - when he was evading the lasers.

In case you hadn’t seen it.

I laughed at the Franco one a lot. It’s great.

I also enjoyed the Matt Damon one. What I particularly like about it is that for most of the performance it’s really easy to read his lips, which makes the music and everything feel even more absurd.

My god these are self indulgent. You can hear them each laughing after the scenes. And once again Robert Duvall is the best actor.

Was this intended to be serious? I figured it was meta somehow.

Very cool stuff, I liked quite a few of them.

One of my coworkers was blathering on about how the True Grit remake was pointless and I just wanted him to go away. Fortunately I was watching these at the time so I just pointed at the screen and said, “That’s what Matt Damon thinks of your argument.”

It pissed him off and he stormed back into his office, so it got the job done. I expect further use out of this. Can I get an animated gif already?

On the one hand that’s a great sequence. On the other hand: he could have just walked through them because there’s no way to detect whether or not the beams have been broken.