Fox cancels John Doe

According to The Futon Critic, Fox has cancelled John Doe. That means that Fox has now cancelled 2 of the 3 shows I considered watchable on Fox (Firefly, John Doe, and 24).

Well, hopefully the reality TV craze implodes sometime soon and we get back to having TV that isn’t just schadenfreud (sp?)


Is this really a surprise? Fox cancels anything that doesn’t show huge numbers almost immediately.

Fox has a habit of getting some surprisingly decent shows and then cancelling them before they get a chance… :sigh: Never watched John Doe, but there have been a number of Fox shows I really dug that went way quickly

Andy Richter Controls the Universe

I’d expect Oliver Beene will die quickly – it’s too good. I’m surprised Malcolm in the Middle has survived – guess it’s just because of the “high schadenfruede content” for a sitcom.

As much as I hate to say it, it’s looking like it’s getting to be time to wind down the Simpsons. (Or at least bring in new writers… They’ve jumpstarted it before when it was flagging.) Once the self-parody content is greater than 50%…


You think Oliver Beene is good? Why?

Another “Why?” moment - NBC will likely continue with Good Morning Miami.


How do you answer a question like that? I enjoy it. It’s funny, and has no laugh track.

I still miss the Adventures of Briscoe County Jr. My God, was that 10 years ago???

How do you answer a question like that? I enjoy it. It’s funny, and has no laugh track.[/quote]

How do you answer a question like that? I guess you just tell me what you like about it. Isn’t “The Wonder Years” almost self-parody at times? I find the adults shrill and the kids cartoons. People like it, I’m sure. I was just curious as to why you did.

I’m with you on the “no laugh track” thing, though. A laugh track in a show like this would make it seem even more peculiar. Exhibit A: “Watching Ellie”


Yeah, sadly. I know it was in reruns a few years ago on cable, but that was before I had my replaytv. sigh

Briscoe, we hardly knew ye…

And I’d forgotten that they canned Undeclared and Freaks and Geeks – both of which were great shows!


They also canned Action, and I still have not forgiven them.

Yeah, that’s a good one. People still post episodes in SVCD format on usenet pretty regularly.

I was a big fan of Space: Above and Beyond too. Brimstone was also pretty good. John Glover played the Devil, he was awesome.

Have they canned Andy Richter? 'Cause, aside from being really, really funny, it was getting all sorts of media attention when it had its six-week run late last year or whenever. Seems bizarre to dump a show that was getting that much positive PR. And to get rid of Richter and air that horrible Oliver Beene show? That thing is Sitcom 101. I know they’re going for the whole retro Golden Years crap, but do they have to crib plots and jokes from fucking I Love Lucy?

BTW, speaking of idiotic Fox decisions, did they ever make an announcement over what the hell happened with Futurama? Last I heard last summer was that no decision had been made on the show’s future, and that there were 13 episodes in the can to be shown after the NFL season ended. Didn’t see too many Futuramas this spring, though. Anyhow, just bought the season one DVD and was reminded again just how great this show is/was. I like King of the Hill okay, but couldn’t they have killed it and paired The Simpsons with Futurama? I mean, the pairing was perfect.

Futurama was cancelled. The show is still supposedly going to air as Fox as a season or so’s worth of episdodes they never aired due to sports preemptions, but production on the show has ceased. Right now Cartoon Network airs it during the week at 10pm CDT I think.

Actually, I did some research after making that post, and it seems like Futurama hasn’t been officially cancelled. Work on the show has stopped, etc., but Fox never announced an official end to the airings and continues to dribble the shows out whenever it feels like it. You’ve really gotta wonder why Fox would fuck around with Matt Groening like this, considering The Simpsons is really the main reason why the network survived its first few years on the air. And remains the biggest show that Fox has, American Idol notwithstanding.

Fox was going to make an official decision whenever they finished airing all of the done episodes (this year) so technically it hasn’t been cancelled. However, since the people that did those episodes would have to wait at least 12 months to find out (since the non-decision was made) I’m pretty sure most of gone on to other work and that Futurama is fairly dead.

That being said, I’ve heard that it’s the highest rated Adult Swim show in the history of the Cartoon Network.

— Alan

I’ll never forgive Fox for canceling “Get A Life.”

Their cancelling of Action just drove me insane. I mean, they only aired 8 episodes, but they were all absolutely gold. As for people slagging the Simpsons… well, I think the show has actually gotten funnier these past few years. They’ve gotten away from making sense with a lot of the jokes, which allows for more freedom. I love it.

Fox also cancelled Firefly, and Family Guy, and the Job. It’s like they seek out interesting and creative shows just so they can crush them. They should make it their motto:

“Fox: We kill the shows that you love”

Another one which was better than John Doe and Firefly…put together:

Millenium. I really dug that show and its surrounding mythos.

Well, the second season of Millenium was great. Morgan and Wong, who created Space: Above and Beyond, and did the best stuff on the X-Files, ran the show that year.