Fox & Friends co-anchor confronts America's problem with racial impurity

“We keep marrying other species and other ethnics.”

man that is some great stuff.

"Kilmeade and two colleagues were discussing a study that, based on research done in Finland and Sweden, showed people who stay married are less likely to suffer from Alzheimer’s. Kilmeade questioned the results, though, saying, “We are – we keep marrying other species and other ethnics and other …”
At this point, his co-host tried to – in that jokey morning show way – tell Kilmeade he needed to shut up, and quick, for his own sake. But he didn’t get the message, adding, “See, the problem is the Swedes have pure genes. Because they marry other Swedes … Finns marry other Finns, so they have a pure society.”

Heh. I wonder if there will be any real fallout over this.

The other species thing gets me.

Who is marrying their dog?


Sounds logical to me. For the healthiest, purest society, people should mate with those genetically closest to them. So patriots, let’s get busy with our parents, siblings, and children, for the good of America!

Why do these things always happen when the Daily Show is on vacation?

I love the look on Gretchen Carlson’s face as he starts into the racial purity bit. When even she’s giving you that look, you know you’re in trouble

Why do white supremacists never appear to match the racial purity they espouse? Is it blonde envy or something?

Sweet Orange Tang Flavored Jesus, that is dumb.

They tried to tell us that gay marriage would lead to this… BUT WE WOULDN’T LISTEN!!!

On second thought, its nice that dirt found somewhere to land after Qt3.

I appreciate people’s attempts at levity here, but Jesus F’ing Christ. I can’t think of anything to say that isn’t just a string of obscenities.

Oh Fox News, every time I thought you can’t be that big of an asshole, you surprise me!

I’ve got a better one for you to curse at:

We Swedes have evolved beyond you petty Homo Sapiens Sapiens. Bow down to your genetically superior masters.

Well, you do have fine women, certainly. If only we could marry them!

Well, you guys did give the world the Swedish Bikini Team…

Don’t let him Kalle! It will only dilute the purity of the Swedish species.

I bet he has a real problem with Tiger Woods. Not only is he bi-racial, he married a pure-blooded Swedish woman and had a child with her.

I almost think that people have started doing it on purpose. “Oh good the Daily Show is on vacation, we can get away with it!”

I’m pretty sure Rick Santorum did. Didn’t he? Yeah, I’m pretty sure he did.

I remember some website suggesting that since Brian Kilmeade was constantly cheerleading for the Iraq War for the Bush admin, that he should be asked why he wasn’t enlisting. He was the right age and appeared healthy. If he believed in the war, why wasn’t he there? That whole “Draft College Republicans” type of thing. At the time I recall I thought, “Hell yeah!”

Now all I can think is “thank god he isn’t in the military”. They, and we, deserve so much better.

I love the female anchor’s look at the camera. Classic.


“It’s a variation of Peace on Earth or Purity of Essence. EOP. OPE. It’s one of those.”