Fox News Ratings Slip

Sheeple sounds like something you’d find in a supermarket next to the Snapple.

CNN does have Jack Cafferty though and he tends to kick ass. I love when Wolf Blitzer is just sort of flummoxed after going to him in a segment too.

The 3 news stations do all have problems, though I still think Fox is by far the worst.

All this hate for the most entertaining news channel ever.

Help, I’m being switboated…
go back to bed sheeple…nothing to see here.

It’s just the weekly Quartertothree pile-on, don’t take it personally.

No. He should take it personally.

Mr. 49 Posts is getting “switboated” by Andrew Mayer. Let that sink in for a moment. He’s one of the most outspoken liberals on this board. “Swiftboating” isn’t having someone on your own side telling you you’re a tool. As much as I argue with Mayer, McCullough, Rucker, etc…, at least they have cognizant, supported positions. This nimrod is cutting and pasting headlines.

Nah, mr. 49 posts doesn’t take it seriously. I’m bored at work and have better things to do than post over 3700 times in almost 4 years.

As stupid at the P&R debates get around here sometimes, qt3 hasn’t yet sunk to the level of political blogs (Repuglicans! Ha! demoncrats! Ha Ha!). But I guess it’s only a matter of time.

That’s Republicunts and Demonrats, please. And Hitlary.

Yeah, that comeback always works.

Well, instead of attacking the post challenged, please enlighten us with your infinite wisdom.

The reason I pointed out your post count was because perhaps, had you had more experience participating in this forum, you would’ve known that the idea you’re getting “switboated” by Andrew Mayer is ludicrous. People who probably agree with you on 90+% of the issues are not “switboating” you when they recommend that your tone may not be the most conducive to furthering the cause.

I haven’t seen human interaction this inspiring since Vinnie Jones and Paul Gascoigne’s famous coming together.

OMG! You have 2000 posts in one year.

I am SO willing to take that chance.

Don’t be stupid, be a smarty! Come and join the Nazi party!

I blame the RIAA.

I like Fox news, its a live action version of the Daily Mail and a handy reminder of just what Sky News would be like if they removed the impartiality clause in the the broadcast regulations.