Fox News Shows Da Bias

First, their chief political correspondont, Carl Cameron, files a story Friday night about how John Kerry showed up at a rally and discussed his manicure to the crowd. It sounded very unmanly, all around.

Well, it turns out Mr. Cameron made it all up. Fox pulled the story and put up an apology stating that it was a mistake, and that Cameron had been joking around and it somehow got past all their editors and made it on the site.

Joshua Marshall is all over Fox on this.

And just when you thought Fox’s foot was in its mouth, it goes ahead and puts the other foot in, by posting a story about a “communist” group called Communists for Kerry, and quoting one of the supposed “communists” about how much they would love to see Kerry in office. But if you bother clicking on the group’s “About” link, it turns out that they’re actually a Republican 527 advocacy group.

Another blogger is all over this one, as well.

Wow they never give up, ever. Though I think I almost crapped my pants when I saw this:

Fox pulled the story and put up an apology

The fun part of this is now liberals can pull the same thing conservatives do if CBS runs anything critical of Bush: just point out the past indiscretion and invalidate any point made, even if it’s factually accurate.

I do wonder if Gideongamer thinks this is bigger than Watergate.

Schaumburg, Ill.: It was amazing to me that the “chief political” correspondent of a major news organization – Fox News – could foolishly post an article lampooning Kerry on the network’s web site and not be pulled off the beat. Why hasn’t this been more of an issue?

Howard Kurtz: My understanding is that Cameron didn’t “post” the satirical piece, but that someone else mistakenly put it on the Web site. Why would a journalist post a story with obviously fake quotes from a presidential candidate, knowing that it would be exposed within nanoseconds? Still, just having this in the Fox computer system was a very dumb thing for Cameron to do, and his Fox bosses are understandably angry about it. The episode comes in the wake of a Center for Media and Public Affairs study, which I noted last week, that finds the coverage of Kerry 5-1 negative on Brit Hume’s 6 p.m. newscast.

From a live chat with Howard Kurtz

It almost makes you long for the days when journalists attempted to have credibility instead of “balance”.

Pfft. It just shows that modern editors are useless. It mostly serves to show another example of lacking security.

Wehm micheal moore refuses the “draft docs” and CBS picks them up, it has something. else bing sneaky.

Something about the fact checking ability it has

Thanks Yoda. Was that in code?


I was over in Europe for the last few weeks and occasionally would catch some CNN World. I can’t count the number of times the anchorperson would state a string of information and then mention that CNN can’t confirm any of it. Is that normal, solid journalism? Seems like that shouldn’t be on the air.