Fox News thread of fine journalism


I don’t know about you, but I enjoy occasionally looking at fox news for personal amusement. I searched for such a thread and failed to find one. We all find it depressing, but sometimes misinformation can be amusing for us sane people.

First up :

Fox & Friends sees “Muslim image” in logo for Nuclear Security Summit

Seekrit Muslin all over again.

Also, reading this article made me do a double check, and there is sme really sloppy copy past work. To make their articles longer, or the writer forgot to delete part of his draft?

At the end they site the source of the article as So I found the original article, and it does not have these inconstancies and instances of repetition.

Original Fox News article where there is strange repetition.

So if you find something weird or funny, post it here! I think that a more light hearted P&R thread might do us all good!


Wouldn’t it be easier to just attach a link to a live FoxNews newsfeed?


I figured they were going for a hydrogen atom, a la The Watchmen.



I’m pretty sure that is, in fact, an hydrogen atom. But then, the Teabaggers dismiss chemistry along with all other science, so its not surprising they don’t know what it is.


Well, I see three inverted pentagrams in the Republican party logo, which I’m told are symbolic of Paganism and/or Satanism:


Never forget:

Ronald = 6 letters
Wilson = 6 letters
Reagan = 6 letters

The man was (is?) obviously The Beast, and the Republicans want his face on Mount Rushmore!!!11!


Fuckin’ hydrogen. How does that work?



Insane Clown Posse actually created something good. A running gag on the QT3 forums. Way to go, ICP!


I’ll let Jon Stewart handle this one.


Oh dear God, I had heard about that but actually hearing Sean Hannity’s conspiracy theory voice just about made my head explode.

I just don’t understand how people can take this shit seriously. My father is overall a very intelligent person, but he just absolutely believes everything Fox throws out there or “insinuates”. I just don’t get it.


OMG, that was pure, pure genius.


I love the Daily Show. So much.


More excellent Journamalism.


I hate to break it to you, if he’s believing that tripe then he’s not all that intelligent.


I am going to go ahead and call this the greatest meme ever.

Also, I don’t get how sane conservatives can watch Fox News Channel.


lol whut?


But that’s the thing, he is. He’s a mathematical genius. Physics, chemistry, a profound knowledge of history… it’s truly quite bizarre. It’s just amazing to see someone with such a strong background in science and logic toss it all out the window because something appeals to his bias.

I have several co-workers, who’s intelligence and ability I respect and admire, like that as well. I don’t think I have to tell anyone that Utah is an incredibly conservative place. Conservative radio and Fox News bullshit is rarely challenged here and no one seems willing to think critically about conservative talking points.

Personally? I blame the religious culture. Growing up mormon as I did, it’s beaten into your head pretty heavily to believe, not question.


Someone claiming Hannity is a mathematical genius? MIRACLES.


I think he means his dad, not Hannity.