Fox News thread of fine journalism

Maybe quite trying to appease the fucking whackjobs and report. Show some dignity!

The idiot right ain’t ever gonna care for you, so quit trying to appease those weasels.

DP I can believe in!

Wait–can someone tell me why the NYT deserves scorn? I thought they were the lefty resistance?

Maggie Haberman.

This is symptomatic.

Some (GOP) think they’re treasonous.

Some (Desslock) think they’re biased.

Some (Telefrog) think we should put up or shut up and subscribe to them if you want to support the press.

And some (growing number of people) think they’ve been trying too hard lately to give equal attention and voice to “both sides,” thus legitimizing the positions of one particularly moronic side.

There were more than one reporters in the Washington bureau that had it in for the Clintons, and they seriously over-reported Hillary’s ‘scandals’ during the election. Since the election, Maggie Haberman in particular has emerged as a mouthpiece for a faction of the Trump administration, reliably reporting leaks from them with the spin they specify. This is particularly obnoxious when she is “breaking” some story that is clearly intended to serve as a distraction from the actual scandalous Trump narrative-of-the-day. This is not the first time that a NYT Washington reporter has become a tool of a Republican administration: Judith Miller’s reporting on WMD’s in the GWB administration was spoon-fed to her by the DOD neo-cons.

Just to be clear, if you don’t like The Gray Lady, that’s fine. Go find another source of news and support it. I just dislike people complaining about news quality, while griping about sub fees.

Fuck that young whippersnapper. get his ass off my lawn.

I have a subscription to the local paper. Which, to be clear, is center right in their perspective. However they do cover the local news, and in particular are a good source for local politics. They’re one of the few sources for information on judges races in Cook County, for example.

My irritation with the NYT is particular to their positioning and inflated self importance. One that leads them to carry water for Trump, in much the way the media in general has.

Have fun government scientists…

I’d go around with a pair of wire cutters. Just cut the power cable.

If you think I’m joking… only in the sense I omitted unplugging first.

Scientists don’t need wirecutters.

Think Geek used to sell a keychain universal remote. Point it at a TV until it mutes, it cycles through universal TV remote codes. Can’t find mine anymore. It was a lot of fun in bars.

Murrican Tallyban.

That story is from almost exactly a year ago.

To evangelicals, hastening the end of the world is a feature, not a bug.