Fox News thread of fine journalism

Its … beautiful

I never watch FoxNews, have all the male personalities there taken up the Trump tie sense?

Sorry, misclicked and deleted the post. Here’s the image:


In answer to your question, I don’t know but if trump ate a baby they’d each eat two to prove their loyalty, so probably.

I swear…

I wonder why Chris Wallace still works at Fox. He is carrying on the tradition of dad in a fine way. This is a probably the toughest interview Putin has had to put up with in a decade.

Are we taking over/under on when Chris Wallace accidentally eats a polonium-laced sandwich?

There are a at least two on-air people I’d call decent human beings there, and he’s one of them. Shepard Smith, another. I’ve wondered why the both continue when management is so clearly intent on becoming the GOP’s Pravda.

Money? Lots and lots of money? Enough to convince you to sell you soul and rationalize it all later.

Smith is there to try to reach Fox viewers I’m pretty sure. It’s not rare for him to go on a psuedo-rant about something Hannity has been blatantly lying about and laying out the facts of the issue in an easy to understand manner.

Wallace. No idea. Probably something similar. Or maybe he enjoys being one of the few actual people out there on TV regularly that says actual conservative things instead of blindly towing the party line.

A G5 airplane?

Give Cavuto some credit for airing the rabid comments after he dared to say something negative about Trump on Fox Business News

The idea of people calling Cavuto a liberal is hilarious.

Liberal = anyone who isn’t a complete fascist.

Cavuto has been fascist-adjacent on things in the past, but that apparently isn’t good enough.

Damn, the viewership of that channel is rabid.

I’ve seen that it’s the left that is intolerant. I even saw it on that same network.

It’s true! People are saying…

Cavuto has never been a liberal but there was a time when you could at least watch his show and not feel he was shilling for the GOP. At some point during the Obama years that changed.

I’m going to put this here, though it could fit into a number of topics:

Finding #4: The people who associate the words ‘news’ or ‘local news’ with the word ‘fake’ have more difficulty telling news from opinion.

As a group, people who associate news or local news with the word “fake” reported more difficulty telling news from opinion than those who gave other answers…

…In contrast, people who gave positive responses to the words news and local news reported less difficulty in telling fact from opinion. Only 13 percent of them said they had that problem in general, and just 10 percent for local news. The number did rise to 16 percent when they were asked about sorting news from opinion on cable TV news.