Fox News thread of fine journalism


Yeah, I mean apparently his sons were behind some of the departures of recent Fox personalities.

The Fox demographics are not appealing to most advertisers. That’s a problem too. Geritol is only going to buy so many ads. I could see his sons looking at it more like a business and less like a platform.


The interesting thing about the last year is that it turns out that Murdoch is now just fine with Trump (which he wasn’t at the start of the Trump campaign) even though the orange one is objectively a disaster for Republicans.

It could just be that Trump is good for ratings. Fox is still #1 in cable news despite losing a bunch of on-air personalities.

Or it could be that Murdoch isn’t a mere bystander in the Putin-Mercer-Bannon regime but is now an active participant. I mean, he shares girlfriends with Putin, why not agendas?


Rupert is good with anything that makes him money. Right now that’s Trump. All this political division is great for the ratings if you’re Fox News and have a virtual monopoly on Conservative TV viewership. CNN and all the major networks have to split an audience that is only slightly larger than the Conservative audience you have all to yourself, so yeah…it’s good to be the king of shitty partisan slanted news. Even if/when his sons take over, they may try to shift a little more to the center, and will certainly continue cleaning house, but they’re not going to mess with the money machine too much because they’re not stupid.

We will never go back to how things were with the media pre-Obama. Social media has forever altered the way much of the world both receives their “news” and digests it. Much of America no longer takes the time to approach news with critical thinking skills, it’s all about the 30 second hot take. Upvote or Downvote and move on. It’s impossible to create an informed electorate from such a population. Conservative Media was tuned into this fact long before anyone else, and they’ve spent years refining the process until now they have an overwhelming advantage. For proof, all you need to do is look at how when the moniker “Fake News” started, it was liberals decrying the spread of “news” articles on social media that were completely fabricated, things like the Pizzagate stories. Now, Conservatives have turned the “Fake News” label back on itself and use it to attack the mainstream media. You can’t fight the stupid, because the stupid doesn’t know or care when it’s wrong/losing/defeated.


Yeah, bear in mind that Murdoch pere isn’t all that right wing by American standards, and his sons at least not noticeably less so, they’re just not as bound up with the old way of doing things and loyalty to specific executives like Ailes or Brooks. Murdoch’s UK newspapers, broadsheet and tabloid, are far from the most right wing in the country. The only reason Murdoch dying or properly retiring would change things is Fox might become more sensitive to commercial pressure for a while. James has taken decisions to protect brands and reduce liability that Rupert never would on his own. But if rabid Trumpism is good for ratings and advertising, they’ll keep doing it until it ceases to be.


Why isn’t there a more balanced conservative media source at this point? Did Murdoch buy up all the competition or is there just not a market for anything outside of Fox? I mean, isn’t that part of the issue just as much as social media? That the majority of news for a large portion of the voting segment comes from one source?


Sadly, it appears that Fox New IS the “more balanced” conservative new source. Their competition is more unhinged, not less.

CNN kind of set the tone for 21st century news when it figured out how to fill up 24 hours of programming with just what it deemed to be “news”. This was nicely laid out in the 2013 documentary, “Anchorman 2”.

Fox News just took CNN’s formula and enhanced it, throwing away any attempt to be all things to all viewers and concentrating on one particular demographic. Now, after some time at the top of the heap, competitors like Breitbart are starting to nip away at the edges of Fox’s conservative monopoly… but bear in mind that post-O’Reilly, shows like Hannity are getting new highs in ratings.


Same for Trump. Sadly.


Not Fox News but.

It’s frustrating to have to contend with this, even if smart people recognize the separation between the editorial side and news.” As another reporter told me, “We could disprove half the stuff” the opinion writers “are saying if they just read our own reporting. It’s like living in some alternate universe.”


Definitely Rupert Murdoch news however.


The tweet from the main Fox News account seized upon the feverish overlaps among the mainstream media, religion and terrorism:

Too bad it was a crock. The network that delights in calling out others for out-of-context reporting had committed the gravest of contextual tergiversations. Yes, Tapper had indeed used the word “beautiful” in proximity to the Arabic saying “allahu akbar,” or “God is great.” The moment came as the host of CNN’s afternoon news program “The Lead” was discussing the Halloween terrorist attack in New York, in which the suspect, Islamic State devotee Sayfullo Saipov, shouted “allahu akbar” after allegedly driving his rental truck along a bike path. Eight were killed in the attack.

What Tapper actually said:

“The Arabic chant ‘allahu akbar’ — ‘God is great’ — sometimes said under the most beautiful of circumstances,” said Tapper, “and too often we hear of it being said in moments like this.”


Christ. Even for them, that’s slimy.


Isn’t that a textbook libel case right there? Tweets count as written statements.


Looks like they already deleted it. What bullshit.


Had to look that one up!


If not for his 2nd Amendment rights, how would this guy have been able to complain?


D-FENS strikes again.


I clicked on that article, then on an article linked within. Is this really what Fox posts on their “news” site - a story based on a reddit thread post by someone who worked at McDonalds 3 years ago?


Probably better journalism than most of their output.


The same way as everyone else - call 911


Story time. Being honest, I felt this way the first time I went into one of the “all-day-breakfast” converted McDonald’s down here in North Carolina. It was early on after the policy change. I had no coffee that morning, and my “task” given to me by my SO was to get two Egg McMuffins, hash browns and coffee. We were out of coffee at the house, and it was 11AM on a Saturday.

If I’m grumpy without coffee, my SO is akin to a recently woken dragon, just waiting for a village to breathe fire on. So when the poor sap at the counter cheerfully told me, “we don’t have McMuffins on our all-day-breakfast menu because here in North Carolina, the chicken biscuit item is more popular and our management didn’t want to keep staffing all day for just McMuffins.”

I’m paraphrasing. I was literally seeing red and could not process all the extra words he was telling me after, “we don’t have McMuffins on our all-day-breakfast menu.” If I would have had a gun, I would have pulled it. Instead I went to Dunkin’ Donuts and got coffee and went home to take my beating.

Not long after the regional management for McDonald’s were threatened with pitchforks, they added McMuffins to the menu, as it should have been from the start.