Fox News thread of fine journalism


I don’t remember much about it, tbh. This might actually stretch as far back as college, since that was in Boston and the only things in Boston are rowdy Red Sox fans overturning cars and Dunkin Doughnuts.


You go get yourself a croissant sandwich, and then you come here and tell me your opinion. I am confident in what you will find.


Don’t they have bars too?


I know it’s difficult to fathom, but I drank even less in college than I do now. I have absolutely no idea how many bars are in Boston, but was surprised to learn that a Cheers does in fact exist there when one of my friends got a job as a waitress there.


The next step is going to be “crimes against America are okay if it keeps a Democrat out of office.”

Taking bets now!


There’s a lot more than that in Boston. I was just hanging out there Friday ( well Cambridge technically) before the Breeders concert.


Wow, The Breeders are still around? Good on 'em…


I kid a little bit; I had a TON of fun in Boston when I lived there and miss it terribly. But the sheer number of DD’s was just overwhelming.


Turkey Bacon Cheddar Ciabatta sandwich at Dunkin is one of the best things you can eat at a fast food place. The only thing better might be when they have the Maple Sugar Bacon in house (seems to be a regional or seasonal thing). Dear lord…so good. Pair with a mocha iced coffee and anything else you eat/drink will be downhill the rest of the day.

FOX wasn’t the only outlet who got fooled by the Twitterverse. Lots of Conservative media took the whole “Antifa Revolution” on November 4th seriously and gave it coverage. I wonder how many Trumpsters scraped the stickers off of their car windows/bumpers before the weekend so they wouldn’t be such easy targets for the Leftist Kill Squads? Good times.


This was literally said in the liberal stupidity thread, like, two days ago.


‘Antifa’ might be scary if the idea of ‘Antifa’ wasn’t 99.99999999% manufactured myth, and the rest a group of dumbass college rebels.

Unfortunately, neo Nazis are all too real, and FOX gives two shits about them.


There’s no such thing as too much Dunkin’.


You guys understand how much this whole Dunkin’ Donuts stuff looks like a cult to someone on the outside, right?



The Dunkins are planning to rise up on December 4. Be aware.


Dunkin’s died here a long time ago. I think we’re safe. My sister used to tell me our valley is where chains go to to die.


We just started getting them here in CA. Now all we need is Wawa and I’ll be happy.


OK you’re not getting me with this one - I’ve been to a Wawa, it’s just a gas station.


Some of them are huge gas stations. In New Jersey they look like those giant travel centers, rest areas people like to pit stop at, truck stop like.


Wawa is a convenience store, like a 7-11. Some just have gas stations these days.

Wawa has really good hoagies. Also, they always have a free ATM machine!