Fox News thread of fine journalism


REALLY good hoagies, and they’re super clean and stuff. Compared to all the 7-11s out here, they’re like immaculate palaces.


This thread has turned into the quintessential Fox News experience. Talking about random happy feel good crap instead of the horrific things happening in the Trump administration.


7-11’s in Japan are incredibly awesome and clean. I will never look at them the same again, even though they just have cheap Slurpees these days and occasionally a fruit fly problem to go with it. If you see that… do not drink from that machine… ever.



Or a hoagie…a mental hoagie…


For some reason I can’t suss out, this doesn’t surprise me at all.


I have heard of Wawa’s. I just can’t figure out why anyone would actually choose a WaWa for food over a real deli or decent fast food place. But, I do know some people swear by the WaWa.


Yea, but Fox never talks about those things either.


Remember, remember the 4th of November!

The Antifa uprisings are underway. My large adult son Geoffrey texted me from the JCPenneys parking lot that a group of blue-haired lesbians are setting up a guillotine…

…Antifa assembling a mechanical device in front of Applebees. My large adult son Geoffrey reports that it appears to be some kind of EMP or gay-bomb.


I love how conservatives are hating on “anti-fascists”, it’s really telling. Sure it’s not uncommon for political groups to name themselves the antonym of what they stand for (“so you’re the democratic republic of Korea? Oh ok.”), but they should at least consider renaming them before condemning them. If anyone watched their shows with an IQ above 75 there would be problems.



It’s all about ‘good conscience’ to their audience, and not because the ad was pissing off the only audience member they care about, namely DJT, the grand snowflake.


Good lord.


Harrumph! When Trump went to move on him, Gillespie only gave him a side hug!


Wawa is a step up from most fast food. Sandwiches are freshly made. The bread is baked in store. It’s top quality stuff.

I live at the epicenter of the Convenience Store Wars. Wawa, Sheetz, Turkey Hill and newcomer Rutter’s are all fighting over my dollar. They all have gas and they all have food made in store. Sheetz has a much broader variety of options on their menu as well as deep fryers on premises. You can get some really solid lunch or dinner at Sheetz and they offer in-store and outdoor seating too. If you haven’t, be sure to get their Walking Taco. Load it up! Excellent. Their fried foods are super as well. Their hoagies are not up to the quality of Wawa.

Wawa is best for soups and sandwiches, but don’t sleep on the seasonal Turkey Bowl with half stuffing/half mashed potatoes. It’s an excellent dinner. Cranberry sauce on top, natch. Wawa Iced Tea is a staple too. @Mike_Cathcart can testify regarding Wawa. I think he has family that works at corporate.

Rutter’s is based in York but recently decided to expand beyond that general area. They have a massive place in Hamburg near Cabela’s now. Like some newer Sheetz, it has plenty of asphalt for Trucks to pull in too. Their food is good and they offer in store seating also. I like the look of their stores but not always their selection. They have work to do, and the market is saturated, but I think they’ll be around in the long run.

Turkey Hill are the ones that are lagging now. Many stores don’t have in-store made food and those that do are very hit or miss. Their pizza is great! An excellent lunch option if you are totally on the go and getting fuel and need something really fast since it’s ready made. They also always have the best price on a massive soda if that’s you’re thing. They will probably weather the war via their well known ice cream and iced tea/milk/lemonade sales. They definitely have been surpassed where they were once kings of this area.

Up north there’s a new player… Dandy. They have nice stores and some good food options too. I’ve only been twice on trips to Watkins Glen for IndyCar, but I was impressed. Solid stores. People in the Ithaca/Horseheads/Sayre area should check them out.


The fried cinnamon bites at Sheetz are crack cocaine. They have an awesome ice cream bar in many locations now where you can self-serve soft serve and top with cookies, chocolate chips, sauces, and more, or buy premade shake mixes that you blend to your preference at a little stand blender.

They’re generally super clean, well-stocked, and have very friendly staff. I try to make all my NC gas stops during road trips at a Sheetz if at all possible.


I forgot about those new ice cream machines! I ran into that for the first time this summer. We’ve had Sheetz a long time here in PA (they’re a Pittsburgh area company I think?) and they’ve really come a long way and forced Wawa to keep up. I expect ice cream machines in Wawa within a year. It’s $2.99 for a rather nice sized cup and whatever toppings as you say. I was happy when I stumbled into that along 78 after a race!

Sheetz is HQed in Altoona. Crazy.


That sounds like it should be in the “Technically food but you shouldn’t ingest” thread, just for health purposes.


You don’t accidentally crack 300lbs according to your latest physical by eating right, dammit!


You tried.


Love the map in this article… right on the front lines.