Fox News thread of fine journalism


Let me try.

Last night had about 10 seconds of coverage of the shellacking that went on.



Basically the response is like Spinal Tap’s manager telling the boys that Boston has cancelled. “I wouldn’t worry. Not a big college town.”

“Oh, those are blue states,” in this case.


It’s like Soviet Pravda.


Oh good.


Where they held 64% of the seats and now no longer have a majority.

“Blue” my ass. I saw someone actually put that on Facebook. “They were Dem states.”

Yeah, cause when I think “Dem state” I think of… Virginia. The second they say it you know they only watch Fox News and just parrot what they’re told.


Maybe the room will explode?

Oh wait, this isn’t the optimism thread.


In California we have 7-11’s with hot dog rotating machines and microwaves. Damn good eating. :)

That’s why places like In-N-Out started here probably.



I mean, that’s the dream…;)




Last night, here’s the big election coverage:



Brit defended Trump 5 hours before that.


It’s all about winning.

It’s almost like some weird banana-republic version of Communism. It’s never the party that fails. It’s always the inability of party members to live up to party ideals fully.

If this was Mao-ist China or Stalinist Russia, we’d never hear from Ed Gillespie again.

*Fun fact: in all likelihood, we may not hear from Ed Gillespie again anyway.


We just haven’t tried Real Trumpism.


“I will work harder”–Boxer.


For lots of food, Sheetz is excellent. Their variety is much wider than Wawa’s.
Wawa makes the better hoagies though.

Also, this is kind of a philly regional thing, in that folks from outside the area don’t really grasp what a hoagie is. It’s more than just a sub. And I think this is part of what makes Wawa’s hoagies good… merely the fact that they are hoagies.