Fox News thread of fine journalism




Say what you like about Billy Good Times, but you can’t say he’s not self aware.



Possibly just temporary until Gorka is deported. Note that this is the trash that suggested Hillary Clinton get the chair over a completely manufactured crime…of course he was allowed to say this on Hannity’s shitshow…


I mean, if they did manage to prosecute Hillary and Obama then what’s their next move? Who becomes the new bogey man for these mouthbreathers?




Antifa. Is your teen an antifa? Is your neighbor?


I’m gonna say, “the Jews”.


Something I have learnt the past five years is to never hope for an idiotic person to learn from their mistakes. Politics doesn’t work that way. If things under Trump are bad, they will be told it’s because the Democrats are blocking some necessary change and they will blame the Democrats. If Trump flip-flops on a promise they won’t remember that they ever wanted that promise in the first place.

When Clinton and Obama go to jail Fox News will jump straight onto the next person on their hit list, and you’ll start hearing these people say things like “you thought Clinton was bad, I had no idea Pelosi was ruining our country even worse.” In three years people will forget that they ever hated Clinton, unless she tries to get back into politics.

It happens everywhere. In Australia, a Labor politician surnamed Rudd got in during 2007 and my parents told me over and over that he was the worst prime minister Australia has ever had, even worse than Gough Whitlam. Then he leaves and Julia Gillard takes over in 2010. I don’t know why but I was expecting to hear “well she isn’t as bad as Rudd”, since they hated Rudd so much, but no.

Gillard was the threat now that Rudd was neutralised, and so the narrative over talkback radio quickly became that Gillard was even worse than Rudd, and suddenly Rudd was remembered almost fondly.

It’s all about which propaganda machine is more efficient.


Explains the 32m settlement:

O’Reilly’s contract said he couldn’t be dismissed based on an allegation unless it was proven in court


This is straight out of Mad Max - love this phrasing! Do they really call it that?

Also, when Clinton goes down, they’ll just switch over to Chelsea.


Yeah they call it talkback radio here, which probably also explains why you heard it in Mad Max.

I wish Australian talk radio was different in any other ways. Unfortunately, other than the notable exception of the government-funded news station talkback radio in Australia is full of erectile dysfunction ads, right-wing propaganda, and callers trying to test how overtly racist they can sound without getting rebuffed. I was subjected to hundreds upon hundreds of hours of it growing up.


Oh I’m not sure if it’s actually in the movies, just that it sounded like it should be.



It’s not like they had 64% control and lost it or anything.


I just watched the Donna Brazile interview on Tucker Carlson’s show. While holding up her book, she said, “Donna makin’ money. And that’s a good thing, 'cause Donna’s got a lot of mouths to feed.”

Yeah, OK.

EDIT: Yes, I’m serious. That’s pretty close to an exact quote. Here’s the video, relevant excerpt at 1:20


Are you serious?


Al Jolson in the The Jazz Singer was only a slightly more offensive caricature than whatever the hell it was Donna Brazile was doing on Carlson’s show.

Good thing she wasn’t in the studio and thus couldn’t offer to shine his shoes.


Donna was in it for the money, which shouldn’t really surprise anyone.