Fox News thread of fine journalism


Al Jolson in the The Jazz Singer was only a slightly more offensive caricature than whatever the hell it was Donna Brazile was doing on Carlson’s show.

Good thing she wasn’t in the studio and thus couldn’t offer to shine his shoes.


Donna was in it for the money, which shouldn’t really surprise anyone.


FOX with its finger on the pulse of today’s top news story.


So another wave of advertisers bailed on Hannity after his Roy Moore interview. Trumpsters are handling it with their usual thoughtfulness.


So if an auto maker pulls its ads will he crash his car into a brick wall? Pretty please?


Smoke alarm manufacturers have a real opportunity to make an impact here.

I got a giggle out of FOX’s “Hillary finally goes to Wisconsin” headline.



Christ, are you telling me Moore sexually assaulted gophers and frogs too?


And Ingraham leads with… Hillary


I get that it’s very likely that Fox are intentionally burying stories that damage their agenda and put in filler crap instead, but I am getting really sick of these smart twitterers just putting up random images of FOX. You need context and statistics to show what FOX is doing wrong here, sometimes it can’t be communicated with a screencap and a snark.

For instance, has anyone watched CNN? Whenever I have seen it it’s full of ads and stupid trivial news stories too.




“Please stop doing the thing I told you to do, my owners need the ad revenue.”


I’m amazed that Keurig reversed their course and went back to Hannity.
They are pretty weak.



“mea cuppa”


Awesome. I want to see some Hannity fans drive their Volvos off a cliff now.


Whilst burning their hotdogs.


I called it.


Now Fox viewers need to destroy their TVs.

This clip is Shep Smith giving a totally honest explanation of uranium one.