Fox News thread of fine journalism


Haha, holy shit that Always Sunny one is amazing.


Way to go Australia.




Well, we still need our Parliament to actually do something based on the non-binding poll results though…


Hannity just wants in on the Gohmert crazy chart action:


That is a really great explanation of the whole thing–it should be required viewing for Congressidiots.

But it does leave the question: WTF is Shep Smith still hanging out at Fox? Do they just pay him so much he can’t leave?


My theory is he views himself as one of the last bastions of legitimate journalism on a “news” source that a huge audience watches to get their information exclusively. He probably feels obligated to stay for the betterment of the nation.


That’s been my theory as well. I’m glad there’s at least one reasonable voice over there.


Heh I remember memes about those alt-right charts last year. When will Fox News rename itself to Frog News?


A lot of Fox viewers are very angry about Shep’s piece…I bet he’s fired soon. I understand it’s upsetting to get a few facts in your relentless propaganda feed.


I wonder if Fox News used Microsoft Visio for that chart?



No, visio would have done a better job. I think someone at Fox built that using clipart in Word 6.0


Unlikely, he’s spewed off plenty that doesn’t toe the company line, and is still there.


I mean seriously, what could they rationally be angry about (yes, it’s a rhetorical question)? He laid out a bunch of info in a factual way. “This is how the process works, here’s the dates of the issues in question”. I mean, Jeff fucking Sessions isn’t appointing a special counsel. Don’t think they think that this administration would be salivating at any chance of indicting Hillary on something?



Some of the Tweets are pretty ridiculous:

Translation: “Smith’s reporting facts is messing with my favorite conspiracy theory!”


He literally just recited a bunch of facts. How is that ‘his own spin’?


“Alternative facts”



If I get “Mouth diarrhea coming from my mouth” stuck in my head it’s all your fault.


You go, Shep!